Outfit of the Day: Awkward


I survived the boys’ spring break, barely. I celebrated by hiding in my hobbit-hole right after dinner, watching episode after episode of the MTV show Awkward. I woke up feeling totally refreshed and ready to do the eight million things we all have to do each day.

Like eat cookies. And watch more Awkward.

Sweater: J. Crew Factory

T-shirt, jeans: Gap

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Keen

Outfit of the Day: Back and More Boring Than Ever


It was quite refreshing to not post my outfits on the Internet for a few days. I wore jeans and sweatpants and hoodies most of the week. And then halfway through yesterday, I got sick of looking like a slob and got redressed. I feel much more like myself.

I’ve thought about stopping this daily diary of clothing, because a) I can’t imagine it’s very interesting and b) I know it annoys some of you. I thought about making it weekly. I’ve thought about trying to take photos of me in more interesting places, and I always come up with the same conclusion: no. I like it. It keeps me accountable for not being a slob. Doing it daily ensures that I will wear something nice every single day, even if it is just clean jeans. Clean jeans go a long way. So. It’s here to stay. For now.

Sweater: J. Crew factory

Shirt: Boden

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Keen

Outfit of the Day: Ironies


Ironies: I really like going to church, but hate Easter and Christmas.

I just bought a dozen white eggs at the store to dye with the boys for Easter, even though there are 3 dozen brown ones in my fridge from our own hens (they don’t hold the color well, sadly).

I read this bumper sticker, “Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you,” and instead of thinking, “Deep,” I thought, “But you’ll probably go blind and have really awful sunburn on your cheeks.”

That last one wasn’t really irony; it was more Alanis Morrissette “irony.”

Sweater: Gap

Scarf: Old Navy

Jeans: AG Stevie

Boots: XTRA Tuff

Outfit of the Day: Spring Dread


Sachin asked us the other day, “Um, isn’t it spring?” It was freezing and snowing and we were all shivering inside the house. Then we had to explain how spring doesn’t arrive in Seattle until June, even though, yes it’s spring. What I wouldn’t give to live in Texas or Southern California right now.

Also, today is the last full day before the boys go on spring break, and so today I’m frantically busy trying to find a shipping crate large enough to mail them to their grandparents.

Sweater, tee: Gap

Skirt: J. Crew

Shoes: TOMS

More Lipsticks I Love…and One I Don’t


Hey! Hey, you know what I did? I went out and bought more of those Just Bitten lipsticks by Revlon and took a bunch of photos of me wearing them so you can see how they look on a darker person.

(Also, please note that this post is NOT SPONSORED. I will never, ever do that sponsored shit to you unless I’m super hard up for cash, because it makes me not trust bloggers. I paid for this stuff myself, and got paid zero dollars to write this.)

Alright, anyway, here I am about to post a lot more photos of my face, which is totally not what this blog needs, but I’m doing this FOR YOU. For you who hate the makeup counter ladies and who are not the color of a white piece of paper (so, that would be all of you), and thus cannot ascertain what a lipstick color looks like from the tube.

Here’s what I got:



Two of these are labeled as “balm stains” and look like crayons. Two of these are labeled “lip stain + balm” which sounds like THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING. But it’s not! Of course not, makeup marketers of America. How could those two things be the same? The lip stain MATH SYMBOL balm is like a little marker on one end with a lip balm (clear) on the other.

The colors here, from fingers to palm are: Smitten (balm stain), Honey (balm stain), Victorian (lip stain and balm) and Passion (lip stain and balm).

I put the colors on lightest to darkest, hoping it wouldn’t affect my regular lip color, and I scrubbed off the lipstick in between photos very scientifically, with a wad of toilet paper.

This is the lightest, Honey, which also happens to be my favorite:


I know, you can’t get over my attractive facial expressions.

Do you see how the tube color looks NOTHING LIKE the lipstick? Yeah, that. This is closest to my natural lip color, but with a little oomph.

Next up is Victorian, which was the first one I bought and really, really like. I like the “marker” part of the lip stain, and it stays on longer than regular lipstick.


Please don’t be jealous of that zit under my lip. We can’t have it all.

This is Smitten. I’m not smitten with it, but I’ll probably still use it.


Hey! It kind of matches the tube color. Whoa, scientists must have worked on that one.

And here is one I DO NOT LIKE. I do not know why I thought this would look good on me. It’s Passion.


I forgot to look grumpy or hold up the lipstick tube because chickens were attacking my feet looking for meal worms. That look in my eyes is the look I have before my fight-or-flight reflexes kick in and I start kicking birds to the ground. They clearly did not appreciate Passion either.

There. Now. I have to go put my hands over my face for the rest of the day.


Outfit of the Day: Disclosure


Full non-FTC disclosure: I look the opposite of good today, like I got dressed in a darkened wind tunnel, and was required to wear clothes only the legally blind could see.

Sachin woke up this morning covered in a rash. I had to rush Keshi to school and take Sachin  to the pediatrician and so I didn’t have any time to tame my hair, put on makeup, or wear anything that doesn’t pain other people to look at. Oh well. (Sachin is fine–he had an allergic reaction and/or a virus, but who knows. He shall be drinking a jug o’ Benadryl for lunch.)

Do you really want to know the components of this, er, “outfit”?

Sweater: Anthropologie

Shirt: Boden

Skirt: LOFT

Tights: Target

Shoes: TOMS

Also, did you know I have a lot of hair?




Outfit of the Day: Presto Change-o


Yesterday I was reorganizing my drawers and found a dress I haven’t worn since I was pregnant with Sachin. I decided to wear it today, but after I put it on, it appeared that I was still pregnant with Sachin. Too bad I had to rush to school drop-off in it. Then I came home and promptly changed into an all-black slimming outfit that totally didn’t work at slimming.

Tomorrow is another day.

Sweater, Jeans: Gap

Tank, Scarf: Old Navy

Shoes: Rieker

Outfit of the Day: Change of Heart


Remember how very long ago (yesterday) I said I might take a hiatus? I think maybe I won’t. I feel a little bit like a friend who mopes about her love life to her friends (who constantly reassure her everything will be fine and she *will* find The One), and she cries on their shoulders and eats lots of pie with them and really appreciates all their support.

And then along comes a hunky bohunk (technical term) and she runs off and abandons her loyal, sweet friends. I’ve decided I’m never going to abandon you for a hunky bohunk (which in this case would be a renewed sense of self). I’m going to be a good friend who sticks around.

Well, unless the hunky bohunk has a really nice beard.

Sweater: H & M (old)

Mock(ing) turtleneck: Target (old)

Skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Listen, the brand inside says “Remont Dorndorf,” but when I look that up on Zappos it redirects the brand to Rieker. So I’ll go with “Rieker” from here on out.



Outfit of the Day: Hiatus


I am thinking of taking a brief blogging hiatus to finish other projects. But every time I have tried to do this in the past, I’ve taken, oh, a day? Two days off? And then I’m back. But this time I MEAN IT. Maybe.

Shirt: Gap

Tank: LOFT (really old)

Jeans: AG Stevie

Socks: Target

Shoes: TOMS


Outfit of the Day: Totally Typical Work Day

Surprise chicken!

It’s snowing today (in Seattle you say it like this: sNOOOOOOO!).

AND it’s a day off of school for the boys, which makes me want to say lots of Hail Marys (the rosary kind, not the football kind) (I don’t know anything about football, fyi).

AND I finally have my writing mojo on this revision AND I can’t do anything about that until 6pm when Gregg gets home.

AND the chickens keep me from getting good shots, totally ruining any fashion blogger cred I had.

All totally typical problems.

(The sNOOOOOOOOOO! makes it a Pajamas For Clothes day.)

Sweater: Thrifted

Shirt: Gap

Skirt: Old Navy

Leggings: Under Armour

sNOOOOOOOO! boots that are totally gratuitous and unnecessary like celebrities who live in LA and wear Uggs when it dips to 60F: Sorel