Outfit of the Day



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I was going to wear a skirt with this instead of jeans, but then I remembered it’s preschool story hour in the library, so no. The last time I did preschool story time, three kids fell down while doing nothing but standing up. Gravity, you’re such a tricky bitch.

Shoes: Toms; Jeans: AG; Sweater: Gap (old); Top: Target (old); Pin: Etsy

(And if you’re reading this in email or a reader, come visit the site! Ashley redid it and it’s soooo pretty. You should totally hire her.) (Chicken graphic by the ever wonderful A. Olson. You should hire her too!)

Outfit of the Day


My stripe is out! I know people are supposed to loathe their gray hair and aging but I think it’s FANTASTIC. I love it when I part my hair just right to show it off.

Apologies for the extra extra low quality photos and eyebags, though. I need a holiday where I sleep and eat and read and then sleep some more. In a cabin. Alone. For a really long time. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Shirt and sweater: J. Crew Factory (Factory J. Crew? I have no clue), Pants: somewhere that has clothes; boots: Frye

Outfit of the Day


Best boots ever.

Outfit of the Day: Jean Jacket


I thought about giving away this jean jacket. I’ve had it for…a very, very long time. (College? High school?) I remember it being “snug” but I think that was just my nineties mentality of anything smaller than a Men’s XL being “snug.”

Seriously, I remember holding up a sweater in Abercrombie and Fitch (the PLACE for teen girls who wanted to dress like Bill Cosby in the nineties) and it hitting my knees and thinking, “Hmm, a tiny bit small.”

Anyhow, I need your sartorial help. Keep it? Donate it?

Jacket: Gap

Shirt, Skirt: J. Crew

Tights: Target

Shoes: Rieker

Outfit of the Day: Vast


Something about this screams “librarian!” Gosh, I wonder what it could be? (Cardigan? Button up shirt? Glasses? Shoes for comfort? I JUST CAN’T PUT MY FINGER ON IT.)

A few weeks ago I was texting with my friend Misty, and we were talking about dream jobs. I told her that I thought my dream job was being a novelist, but also maybe a librarian, but also a mother. And her reply was, “You can do it all. You are vast.” I love that. I love her. That’s how I feel some days. I hope you feel like that too (and that if you don’t, you have a Misty to tell you that you are).

Sweater: Anthropologie

Shirt: Boden

Jeans: AG Stevie via Anthropologie

Shoes: Keen

(P.S. I wrote this little post for another great friend, Nancy, on the healing power of Taylor Swift. Would you go read it?)


Outfit of the Day: Weirdo Beardo


Not my best effort, especially the messy ponytail. Ladies with truckloads of hair cannot pull off artfully mussed. We just pull of the mussed part. (That bottom photo was me trying to give Sachin an Abraham Lincoln beard with my hair.)

So, I already tweeted this, but I’m going to write it down here to preserve it for time immemorial. Keshi wrote this poem, and it probably tells you everything you need to know about our lives.

I once met a weirdo

With a beardo

In the Woods

Near a deer doe.


(Life is pretty excellent.)

Top: Ruche

Skirt: J. Crew

Tights: Target

Shoes: Keen

Outfit of the Day: Wool Socks


I planned this whole outfit around the wool socks I wanted to wear. And big underpants, but that’s a given.

Sweater: Gap

Scarf: Gift

Jeans: AG Stevie via Anthropologie

Boots: Frye Veronica

Outfit of the Day: You Need This Skirt


Because it’s fantastic. FANTASTIC.

Sweater, tank: Gap

Skirt: J. Crew Factory (I get no money from clicking that link. Zero cents.) (Except WHOA they raised the price–I paid $30 for this. CHEATERS.)

Shoes: TOMS

Outfit of the Day: School Days Not Traveled


The boys were supposed to go back to school today. Wooooo! I had plans. So. Many. Plans.

(…to sit around and eat grocery store sushi and read Cheryl Strayed in my pajamas.)

Of course, at 4am Keshi woke me up with a stomachache. I thought he was faking. Until he faked it right into the toilet several times.

Grocery store sushi doesn’t look quite so good now.

Sweater: Anthro

Tank: Gap

Skirt: Boden

Shoes you can’t really see: TOMS