My name is Shalini. It’s pronounced like this: FLEIJEKSLIFLWSMALAND. I think it’s a Norwegian name.

I also go by the name Chris Van Hakes and write sweet, feminist romance novels under that name. (It’s an anagram of my kids’ names.) My debut novel is called LOST AND FOUND, and I will direct you to your right (or your left if you are an upside down reader) for the link on the sidebar.

I used to be a librarian. Now I stay at home with my kids, raise chickens, and do other things. Like read. And draw cartoons. Sometimes I eat as well.

I live in Seattle. Yes, it really rains that much. Yes, it sucks.

You can email me at shalini@readingandchickens.com if you have any other questions about me. Or the world. I am really very nice.



  1. says

    Hi Shalini,
    I’m so honored that you have a blog crush one me! And I’m excited to add your new blog to my list of “Things that keep me entertained during the work day!”

    I have always had a city crush on Seattle probably because I’m obsessed with listening to KEXP Seattle radio, but your rain comment scares me.


  2. Shalini Patil says

    Hi Shalini,

    My name is Shalini too. I came across your blog through BabyCenter blog. Just wanted to let you know that’Shalini’ is an Indian name not Norwegian! :-)


    • says

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  3. Christine says

    Wow I loved this book (Lost and Found)….and was sooooooo disappointed when I went to Amazon to get more books from you…and…there weren’t any! lol….I can’t wait for another:)

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