A Few Things I’ve Liked Lately

First off, I like that my dear friend Chantal has a new book out:

You can buy it here. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going on a mini-vacation and my books are packed! (Not my bags, of course. I’m also taking The Goldfinch, which I’ve been reading for approximately 100 years, very slowly, and Bread and Wine, because books about food mean that you can eat more…for your brain.)

Second, we have raised a nice fat sum of money for eradicating drug-resistant malaria in Cambodia. Over $1800! But! The goal is $3200, and if you can even just give up a fancy cup of coffee this week and donate to them, everyone who might get drug-resistant malaria in the future would be deeply indebted to you. (Oh God, I sound like an NPR host during Pledge Drive week, don’t I? Except I DON’T EVEN HAVE TOTE BAGS.)

Third, I went to a fancy party and this happened:


That was supposed to be a photo booth photo with THREE people, but it turns out that lifestyle bloggers don’t tell you how freaking difficult it is to pose in a photobooth. IT’S HARD. Be warned. Now you know.




  1. says

    I totally panic in photo booths – WHAT EXPRESSION CAN I USE NOW THAT I’VE SMILED AND EXCITED FACED? It’s far more complex than we’re led to believe.

    And I would totally buy your tote bag.

  2. says

    I have an unreal respect for people who look good in photobooth pictures . . . every time I sit in one, I stress and end up looking like a goober. Well, more of a goober than I already am. It’s sad and lonely.