Happy Holidayum I need a break

I absolutely thrive on routines, on doing the exact same thing every day and every week, which is why I post here every day. I like the consistency of doing something every day (I also eat lunch every day!).

But the holidays are making me a tiny bit more crazy than my baseline crazy, and along with a little medication mix-up where HA HA HA I didn’t take any of my anti-anxiety/anti-depressants for a few days, I’m…I need a little break. Don’t worry, you can still spam comment me about your Rolex watches and your Viagra and your sex toys and I will happily read those! I just won’t be on twitter or facebook or email or here for a few weeks. I’m going to post outfit photos on my tumblr (simply for brain health reasons), so you won’t miss me TOO TOO MUCH.

Happy New Year, Internet Lovelies, and I stand by what I said earlier: may 2014 be less fucked up!



  1. Slauditory says

    I hope things improve swiftly, friend! May your holidays be filled with Cheetos, chocolate, and many hugs.

  2. says

    happy new year! hope things get back on a nice even track again soon.

    also? my resolution is to read more books, and i will be hunting through your archives for suggestions. so thanks for that. :)