Outfit of the Day: Happy Birthday, Little Blog!

Happy two year blog birthday to ME! Well, to Reading (and chickens), I suppose, since I’m a wee bit older than two. Just a wee bit.

I have said it a lot, but it never hurts to say it again: thank you. Thank you for visiting my site, for letting me visit yours, for being my friend inside and outside of the computer, for not thinking I’m a weird little freak for writing what I write here. Or rather, thank you for knowing I’m a weird little freak for writing what I write here and liking me because of it. You make me feel amazing.

This blog has changed my life immeasurably for the good, and not because of any money I’ve made (haaaa), or pageviews, or comment numbers, because let’s be serious, it’s not exactly The Pioneer Woman up in here.

That doesn’t mean you haven’t meant as much to me, or maybe even more to me, than a big blogger. Because of you and your friendship I am braver, I am kinder, I am funnier, I am better. You did this, and I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you, thank you.

/ mushy

Now, let’s get down to business. This sweater is bright. My hairs are scraggly. Should I go with the pirate bangs again? A full on Deschanel? Chop it? Ditch the sweater? Wear it in its fiery orange glory? I NEED YOU.

Sweater, skirt: J. Crew

Belt: Ruche

Tights: Target (and they are cute, but as Elizabeth says, a total nightmare, and will end up around my ankles soon)

Shoes: Remont Dorndorfe

Necklace: Forever 21



  1. says

    congrats on two years! that’s about 700 days longer than most people who start a blog stick with it. and it’s so nice to see that blogging brings joy to your life. it certainly has to mine.

    p.s. you don’t have to be The Pioneer Woman to make a difference. simply sharing your struggles and showing that you’re cultivating confidence in yourself is inspiring others to try and do the same (at least me).

  2. Patricia says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit (especially the orange sweater!). When the weather gets depressing, I’m drawn to bright colors; sunset orange has recently become my absolute favorite (I just bought a sunset orange peacoat from Old Navy and it’s probably the best clothing decision I’ve ever made). And happy birthday to your fantastic little blog that consistently makes me either cry a little bit or snort unattractively, depending on how serious or hilarious you decide to be.

  3. says

    I’m a zillion years late, but happy birthday little blog. I’m so glad that our blogs found each other, because it means I found you, and you’re awesome.