Outfit of the Day: More Dots Than You Can Shake A Stick At

But why would shake a stick at dots? What’s it going to do? Dots are notoriously unafraid of sticks and other pointy objects. The only way to kill a dot is by insulting her honor, but let’s hope there are no dot-a-phobes out there. Because, seriously, how cute, right?

And heeeey, welcome Already Pretty readers. I love you already. I’m telling you now that I’m a hugger. Also, your hair looks great.

Sweater: Gap

Shirt: H & M

Skirt: Boden

Tights: Target

Shoes: TOMS



  1. says

    This seriously reminds me of one of my daughter’s favorite outfits, back when she was about 7. It was all stripes. Each item of clothing had different kinds of stripes, and she just felt joyful wearing all those colored stripes :-)

  2. says

    I love wearing polka dots too; they just make me sooo happy. Love your look. Agree, the secret to looking good is making the effort. Also, I love that you say you have a perfect body. I mean, when you look at everything it does for you every day, it’s true, right? I remember being home a few days after I had my son; and I had this overwhelming feeling, as I got out of the shower, looking down at my smaller, now-empty, belly – I felt like Wow, Body. You freaking did it! I promise to never malign you again!