OOTD: Powerful

I wore this dress for two reasons: first, I haven’t worn it since I was full-time librarianing, and second, because it scares the hell out of me. It’s silk. It’s dry-clean only. It’s for fancy ladies. Even when I wore it as a librarian, the other librarians would ask, “Why are you so dressed up? Is it for the class you’re going to teach? You know you don’t have to dress up THAT much. (Or at all, because we’re librarians.)” And so it’s hardly been worn, and I have been contemplating giving it away, instead of it hanging there in my closet.

But? I feel so damn powerful in it. I feel sexy and important and gorgeous. I LOVE IT. I am keeping it, and I’m going to wear it A LOT.

Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg, but THRIFTED. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO THRIFT SHOPPING. I got it for $30, and it still had the (faint-inducing) price tag on it. It was originally $170. SCORE. (You can click on the middle photo to see the whole dress, if you so choose.)

Sweater: J. Crew

Shoes: TOMS

Princess Leia Buns: Awesome

Librarian Glasses: Sexy




  1. grammy says

    love the dress (You can wear it to Lisa’s wedding!)
    Can’t really see the shoes
    NO to the glasses
    Thrifting is fun. I got 3 compliments Sunday on my pink jacket from the children’s thrift shop!

  2. says

    (don’t forget that your face is pretty)

    I have no dress code for work . . . but I do find that, when I want to feel that I just need a little boost while at the office, I’ll wear a sportcoat. It works.

    You’re looking very good, Shalini

  3. kate says

    I’m now part laughing hysterically because that is the exact thing someone woudl say to me at my library (or ask with horror if I had a job interview) and part shame because I’m toeing the line with dressing casually today.

  4. Gel says

    Hello! I just jumped over here from Already Pretty and I love your blog so far! I had to say that I also have a black and white print silk DVF dress, that I also happened to score for majorly cheap, and I wear it all the freaking time. (I wore it last night for a fancy anniversary dinner, even.) And every time I do wear it, I’m absolutely terrified of something happening to it. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. But you’re right, I can’t think about that too much, or it’d just be lonely in the back of my closet, not sharing its awesomeness with the world. You look awesome in the dress!