I have a little problem. I am attracted to men with beards. Namely, this guy:



Wait, being attracted to my husband is not my problem. My problem is this.

ME: I saw a guy who looked just like you today!

GREGG: Really?

ME: Yeah, I mean, he was bigger than you and he had different color hair and skin but I had to do a double-take because he looked JUST LIKE YOU!

GREGG: Did he have a beard? Is that why?

ME: YES! He had a beard! How did you know?

GREGG and ME’s children: Mom, you know you think all guys with beards look just like Dad. You tell him you see a guy who looks like him every single day. And it never looks like Dad. But he always has a beard.

GREGG: It’s true.


But really. I can’t tell beardy men apart from each other. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! THIS CAN’T BE JUST ME, CAN IT?


Uh….I’ll see you all later. I have to go scout the city for men with beards and take lots of photographs to prove my point. And stuff.



  1. says

    I, too, love a man with a beard. He’s handsome clean shaven, but extra-handsome w the facial hair.

    Unrelated: when i was little, I thought this Bollywood actor was my dad because they both had mustaches.

  2. Amy K says

    This sounds insane, but I was afraid of beards as a child, and I’ve never quite gotten over it. My mom was a professor at a Catholic college, and there was a life-size, excruciatingly realistic crucifix hanging in the main stairwell of her building. For some reason my little kid brain started associating facial hair with that bloody, agonized, bearded Jesus. Awful, right? So, yeah, beards still don’t do it for me. I do think my husband looks hot with some stubble, though.

  3. grammy says

    If Gregg got rid of his beard, you’d think you married me!
    Hey, facial hair…even a tiny bit of facial hair is really IN, I’ve noticed. Grammy