OOTD: Let’s Talk Some More About My Hair

…because hair is super exciting, right?

Anyway, at the urging of my friend Betsy (hi Betsy!), she told me to do the Curly Girl Method. I’ve used parts of that method for years, but am super lazy about other parts. This morning, I decided to do a little bit more of it (using a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair, mainly) (I already use shampoo and conditioners that are curly-hair-friendly, according to the method) (the no-shampoo thing doesn’t work for me; I tried it and my hair was a disaster) (wow, sorry for the parantheticals), and put in some Kinky Curly cream as I untangled it with a wide tooth comb when it was wet and…that was it.

I usually can’t let my hair air dry because it goes crazy. It gets super frizzy and I look like I’ve been electrocuted. I went straight to a class with my seven-year-old, and halfway through I realized I must look like a homeless person and tied it back. But…hey! It didn’t! It dried like a well-adjusted head of hair, with no frizz! And yeah, it’s neither as curly nor as straight as I’d like, but it doesn’t quite look multiple personality disorder, either. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’m so happy that I might even try the no-shampoo thing again. Maybe. We shall see. But I am very relieved to not have to heat up my flat iron to get rid of the frizz. Time savers FTW!

(My outfit was lame, so I tried to get pictures that showed off my hair…and failed. Ah well.)

Sweater: Boden

Striped shirt: J. Crew

T-shirt: ?
Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Keen


  1. Betsy says

    first of all, WOO HOO for me getting some air time! ;-)

    also: it looks FABU. and it takes time. It gets curlier over time. Also, I’d play around with the conditioner (I use Nature’s Gate Tea Tree) if you’re going to try forgoing the shampoo–and that adjustment also takes time. My scalp felt weird for a few weeks during the transition. (Although I had the opposite experience–I tried shampoo ONCE in the beginning, and ended up looking like I’d been electrocuted.)
    Email me if you need tech support :-)

  2. says

    Minus switching shampoo and conditioner, curly girl did not work for me. ESPECIALLY not the no shampoo. I am a grease bucket as it is, so no thank you.

    Your hair looks lovely.

  3. says

    It looks super cute and sounds really easy! I just scrolled over your post in my feed and my first thought was “Whoa, her hair looks amazing” before I even knew this post was about hair. :)

    I HAVE to let my curls air-dry, or they get super frizzy, so I have the exact opposite problem. It’s annoying and takes too much time, but I’ve been trying to force myself to be patient lately. I’ve been wearing my hair up so much lately that I’m starting to get that constant-ponytail-breakage situation. Blech.

  4. says

    I’ll have to give the t-shirt thing a try. My hair has these weird layers of curly, frizzy, and straight and I’m really tired of it looking like Bobby’s on Sons of Anarchy. If mine turns out even 1/3 as gorgeous as yours, I’ll be delighted. :)

    • says

      Try some Kinky Curly curling custard. I think that did it more than the t-shirt, frankly. (Because I towel dried my hair last night and put in some kinky curly and it still came out nice.)