OOTD: Deeper Than The Deep Blue Sea

Today was not the best day. Our old, wonderful dog Malcolm has been having seizures, and I did not want to take him to the vet for fear that they would tell us all hope was lost. I broke down a little bit this morning, and Gregg, being the very good person he is, took the dog to the vet for me, and I took two surly boys to get their hair cut and tried not to think about much of anything.

So I forgot to take an outfit photo today. I look alright in person, but the twilight and my tired, puffy eyes, and my choice of clothes that are dark and pajama-y in nature don’t photograph well.

I swear, I’m feeling a teeny, tiny bit better, especially with the news that our dog can take some (very affordable) seizure medication, and he might be just fine. And there were many positives to the day. I ate a delicious meal at Uneeda Burger. We now own a Roomba that our dog is eyeing skeptically from the sofa. I revised three whole pages today and didn’t fret, and I fully intend on downloading a craptastically trashy novel and reading it in one sitting tonight.

Sweater: Thrifted

Shirt: Boden

Pants: Madewell

Shoes: Keen

Earrings: Etsy, but I don’t remember the seller. Boo me.


  1. grammy says

    A Roomba–what a great idea. Watch–it won’t detect Malcolm hair or it will have to be emptied 40 times per day!
    SO very happy about MY granddoggie!

  2. Marnie says

    Uneeda burger is so tasty! Just started following your blog and saw that and thought, “Yay! She is in Seattle!” :)

    congrats on the news about Malcolm. Hope it holds!