How To Solve An Internet Fight

Recently, there have been some skirmishes on the Internet, and it got me to thinking. I rarely get into Internet skirmishes! And why is that? It’s because I carry this laminated chart around in my pocket at all times, that’s why! And now I’m sharing it with you, in case you are ever involved in an Internet battle.


(I also have a laminated chart on how to never get involved in a land war in Asia, but it’s a bit more in-depth; it’s a fold-out. That’ll be next week.)




  1. says

    Books and Chickens for the win!!! I am so glad you posted this handy flow-chart so I can avoid future internet skirmishes. Like I would need an excuse to hide under a rock and ignore the meanies.

  2. says

    Don’t forget the chart detailing the necessary steps for “Never go[ing] in against a Sicilian when *death* is on the line!” That one has saved me much potential heartache.

  3. Hellcat13 says

    The thing I don’t get is it’s so EASY to get out of these things: BLOCK and WALK AWAY FROM THE INTERNET tend to be the simplest solution.

  4. says

    where was this three years ago when i totally got into it with this racist troll of a man who said all this horrid stuff and would not let it go!??! for that matter, i couldn’t let it go, either.

    man, now i’m in a huff just thinking about that DB.