The Problem With Tank Tops

I have a problem, Internet. It’s very serious. It has to do with tank tops. And bras. But to tell you my problem, I have to show you something unpleasant.

That’s a diagram of my body. As you can see, I have long, skinny¬†appendages. I carry the bulk of my weight in the babymaking areas, thus I have to buy clothes that fit the biggest parts of my body. This leaves me with tank tops that do this:

So then I buy a tank top that’s a bit snugger, and it looks like this:


Then I decide I should wear a strapless bra with the tank top instead.

Maybe I need to try a tighter strapless bra?

And then I put on a t-shirt and never wear a tank top again. Until the following week, when I will forget all of this.


  1. Celeste says

    I just met you, and this is crazy…but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that my first thought on seeing the graphic was, wow she has the perfect body type for those traditional Indian garments with the tiny tee and flowing fabric. Sorry that this is no help where tank tops are concerned.

    All I can think of to solve it is wearing a tank that fits on top, and wearing one of those Bella Bands underneath it like the modern preggos wear to keep wearing normal clothing with a changing body. FWIW I’m glad I’m not a modern preggo, because they seem to wear everything skin tight now and I would have wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole if I had had to wear clothes like that.

    • says

      Celeste – I guess I fall under the term “modern preggo” – I love it – makes me sound cooler than I am :) But actually, I prefer the tighter fit Ts and stuff MUCH more than the loose muu muu like garments, because I don’t feel as freakishly HUGE in the tighter stuff. (And believe me, I’m no skinny girl when I’m NOT pregnant.)

      I wore a loose, flowy dress last weekend for my dad’s birthday party and looking at the pictures, I’m cringing. I look like a giant, shapeless HUGE blob of bright green.

      And +1 to your suggestion of making sure the tank fits on top.

  2. says

    I think on rare occasions that I should try tank tops. But I’m wrong. At least you have skinny arms going for you. I recently saw a picture of myself wearing a sleeveless dress, and the fact that my upper arms are much flabbier than I realize caused me to think I should never wear anything sleeveless.

  3. says

    i had this exact problem when trying to find workout clothes that breathe. want support but don’t want to advertise the landscape of the midsection. why that should matter at a gym, where i’m trying to improve said landscape, i don’t know. my solution: always have another shirt on top. sorry that does not help. but i empathize.

  4. says

    I’m not sure about your bra situation (and maybe it’s too forward of me to mention it!) but can you wear one of those tanks with a built-in shelf bra? Is that enough bra? (For me it’s certainly not, but I assume there are women out there who can rock that style??) Then you could layer that under another looser tank if you wanted and everything would be contained? Maybe?