How We Met

I am Not Really Blogging Yet. I’m only writing this post under duress, as I was promised by many, many bloggers that if I wrote a post on how I met Gregg, I would get, in return, stories of how you met YOUR significant other. I expect to be able to read these stories well into my old age and die happy, so you better deliver. I never ask for or need comments, but this is my exception. I am a sucker for love stories and YOU BETTER DELIVER IN THE COMMENTS, OK?

Especially because how I met and started dating Gregg is a tiny bit embarrassing to every single person involved in the story.

*deep breaths*

*yoga stretching*

*emergency embarrassment alarm set*

OK, I think I’m ready. First, I have to go back two guys before Gregg. I thought I was deeply, madly in love with both of them.

The first one was a guy I worked with. We flirted on and off and even went out a few times, but he did nothing. Once, he hung out in my room and very, very slowly traced all of my fingers with his, and looked at my lips and…nothing. NOTHING. He even did that slow breathing thing that I now know means WANT and nothing.

I found out a week later that was sleeping with one of my other coworkers while going out to see movies with me. He had awful taste in movies, I should point out.

I quickly switched my affections to the most attainable boy I could find. He was smart, and handsome, and half-Asian, and a friend of a friend and totally, completely, unabashedly gay. HE didn’t say he was gay, but he would point out girls’ cellulite and once I watched a movie with him with a threesome in it and all he could comment on were the man’s fine abs.

Yeah. That worked out about as well as the other guy.

It was at this point, when I was twenty years old, that I did a very honorable thing. I said to myself, “Shalini, you are twenty years old, and you are going to get a boyfriend RIGHTNOW.”

And then Gregg walked through the door.

He lived in the apartment next to my friend Neeta’s boyfriend, where there was cable and there were no freshman and I could safely be away from my job. I was a resident advisor, so I lived at my job. I liked to not be there a lot. Also? That other guy who I love/hated was there.

I think I asked Neeta about Gregg, and I said something to the effect, “He’s cute,” and I swear to you she could not have been more horrified. “GREGG? YOU AND…GREGG?” I think most of the apartment people (as opposed to my dorm people) thought of Gregg as the extremely socially awkward but very smart engineer who was also Really Religious and also a bit too tall. I’m not sure. I didn’t ask.

I also didn’t talk to Gregg, and I’m not sure he noticed my presence. This might have been when the movie with the threesome was on and I was trying to woo the very gay man sitting next to me. Events are blurry and there was a lot of cheap vodka involved. Mom, if you’re reading this, stop nine paragraphs up.

I didn’t see Gregg for months after that, and I was almost convinced to go to New Orleans with him and another friend and her boyfriend (without meeting him! because that’s how college works!) but decided against it, as I had an organic chemistry exam. And then Gregg had a party on a Saturday, the day before Easter.

I decided to go, possibly to see Gregg. I’m not telling, because I need SOME secrets. Fine, it was because I thought Gregg was cute and wanted to see him again, even though *cough* I didn’t think he would notice me because at that point in my life, my hair was cut like a boy’s AND I have always sported the very fetching figure of a boy. I’m quite sexy to older gay men with a certain flavor of boy.

And because I was nervous, I started drinking the second I got to the party. Not that it mattered, because Gregg wasn’t there. At his own party. Because…wait for it…he was at church.


*dramatic pause*

Let me say that again. Gregg was not at his very own debaucherous Easter celebrating party, which he was throwing because he’d given up alcohol for Lent (he was twenty) and this was his big drink fest to end all drink fests, because he was busy GOING TO CHURCH. On a Saturday night. Yes, Easter Vigil Mass, for you Catholics out there. He didn’t want to have to wake up early, and goodness he couldn’t MISS EASTER. So he was late to his own party, and walked in around midnight, when I was pretty sure I was on top of a human pyramid, totally drunk, and didn’t care that I was only attractive to older gay men.

Are you bored yet? I told you it was a boring story.

I can’t actually remember much of the party, except perhaps that Gregg mentioned that cats were better than dogs and that made we want to slash his throat open, and there might have been a mention that he was a Republican, too. If I wasn’t SO DAMNED ATTRACTED TO HIM, I would have left right then. Oh, also, I was very drunk.

When I left, I leaned over, kissed him square on the mouth, and thanked him for the party and the booze. He does not remember this.

That’s what an awesome kisser I am.

And then, I believe, I was hanging out with Apartment People even more often, seriously crushing on Gregg. He walked me out to my car one evening and gave me an Awkward Hug, and then asked if he could call me some time. I nodded and said sure and proceeded to wait by the phone (no cell phones! ack!) for two days until he called.

And then we went out to dinner and hung out a few times, and he told me he was probably moving to Seattle, and I decided I didn’t like him really that much anyway because WTF SEATTLE ARE YOU KIDDING IT RAINS THERE ALL THE TIME. There was also a little bit more drunken kissing that was very, very good, knee-knockingly good, and I slept in his bed and he very gallantly slept on his crappy sofa when I wanted him to sleep in his bed with me but did you see the part about going to church during your own party? Yeah, wasn’t going to happen. Also, I’m a Total Virgin Girl, so I knew that, but eh. I had Feelings.

There might have also been a friend *cough* Susan *cough* who told me not to date an “enginerd.” (I got her back; she married an enginerd of her very own a few years ago so HA I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THEM BEING CUTE.) I was having doubts, is what I’m saying. Lots of doubts.

So then naturally we emailed back and forth the entire summer and he told me I was very funny (!!!! future blogger lady hard-on!!!) and cute and he would definitely definitely call me when he got back to school.

And school started and he most definitely Did Not Call Me.

Not that I cared, because he was an enginerd and I had other prospects and I was having doubts about him.

So naturally a few weeks later, I went down to the computer lab (no computer!!!!) (life was weird in 1999) and emailed him telling him that I was Totally Embarrassed by the situation, he was obviously Not Interested, and when I hung out with the Apartment People, I hoped it wouldn’t be weird.

And it wasn’t weird. I went back to my big gay crush and we even went to the movies. A mutual friend said to me, “It’s too bad you and Gregg didn’t work out. That would have been so fun, all of us hanging out together as couples.” I shook my head and said, “Not gonna happen,” and pulled my hair back in my awesome scrunchie and sat down to watch a Vin Diesel movie. (I told you life was weird in 1999.)

About a week later, I got a phone call from Gregg asking me to dinner that evening. This is where I tell you I played it cool and said, “No, not interested, sorry LOSER for totally ignoring me,” but instead I said, “Uh, YES.” And he took me to the most horrendous restaurant where we were at least eighty years younger than everyone else and I felt weird and he may have told me that I was weird and had I been to a lot of funerals? Because I was kind of depressing.

So of course I went on another date with him. And another. And another. And then after that, he called me and said, “Uh, I found your email.”

My email?

The email I’d sent over a month ago to him, telling him how Totally Embarrassed I was that he didn’t like me. That one. Yeah?

“I…accidentally marked it as read. I didn’t read it.”

This is where I killed him, and he now lies in a very nice cemetary in Urbana, Illinois.

Oh wait, no, we had perhaps the most embarrassing conversation of my life, where I admitted I had been crushing on him, and then that I was crushed, and he apologized profusely and told me that he thought I was SO PRETTY and liked me SO MUCH that I made him too nervous to call. So I kept him.

We were married one year later.


(That’s my friend Susan. Say hi to the Internet, Susan!)

He’s quite pretty, isn’t he?



Gregg is damn lucky he’s so good looking, is what I’m saying.


  1. Hobbychanger says

    Ryan and I met at work. Sounds lame, but it isn’t.

    When Ryan first transferred to my school from another building in the district, he was married. I thought he was cute, but didn’t think much past that because he was married. Anyways, I was 23/24 and single, going out with my girlfriends every weekend. I even semi-seriously dated another guy.

    About 18 months after he transferred, Ryan announced he was getting divorced. His ex wife had gotten mugged and basically went crazy or so he said. (Knowing what I know of her now, she was always crazy, she just hid it better). I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and a few other close coworkers had been dumped/divorced. So about 5 of us started the BSB, Bitter Single Bitches club that went out on Fridays after work. 2 Fridays later, Ryan asked me for my cell phone number so we could hang out on MLK Day. We went out, it was platonic and friendly. The following Friday, we chaperoned the school dance and went out afterwards. One thing led to another and I ended up at his house. We were both hammered.

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat for a few months until we both acknowledged we had feelings for the other. Almost 5 years later, 2 of them married, we are still together.

  2. says

    OMG. Could the two of you BE ANY CUTER!!!! *dies from the cuteness*

    If I died from cuteness, I don’t have to fulfill my promise to tell you how pk & I met, right? RIGHT?


    Backtrack to 2002. I’d just graduated from college with a degree in chemical engineering & one in math. Pretty sure I didn’t want to DO either one. Add in one nice-but-spoiled ex-fiancee, who didn’t see the ex part coming. Suddenly Philadelphia was VERY VERY small. While I was in college my folks had moved south of Chicago (near that Urbana graveyard you mention…), which felt a nice safe distance away from Philadelphia. So I move “home” (which wasn’t really home), and apply to teaching schools.

    I got into & moved down to SIUC for teaching college, and got a job bartending at a local mall restaurant. I’d really hoped to work at the steakhouse across the street because I’d worked at one of the same branch back in school – but they never called. Two months later I get fired from the bartending gig (kinda-sorta unjustified – never turn down your boss for a date if you like your job), but driving home from the firing got a call from the steakhouse. Turns out they’d lost my app, and it had magically turned up that very day. Weird.

    So I go to wait tables at the steakhouse. (Sidebar: I LOVE WORKING IN RESTAURANTS. LOVE. That is all.) PK was the so-much-better-than-everyone bartender, and local up-and-coming tv reporter. (Turns out they don’t pay tv reporters much in small markets, so most of them have outside jobs.) We go out a few times with groups of folks from the restaurant, and I get to be good pals with him and his buddy J. PK lives near me, and takes me home some of the nights we all go out – but never invites himself in. In fact I like to remind him of the time I invited him in and he referenced his love for his own pillows. Really.

    One day I get a flat tire, and crushing on J, call and call and call to no answer. PK, on the other hand, picked up the phone IMMEDIATELY, came and got me, waited with me for the tow truck guy, followed me to wal-mart, and made sure I got the right tire. Turns out when not at/around work he was the NICEST GUY EVER.

    Proof? Our first “date” I cooked him chicken cacciatore from scratch. Because we were too poor to EAT at a restaurant. I didn’t find out until weeks later that he hateshateshateshates mushrooms – and I’d put 2 different kinds of artisan mushrooms in the sauce. He choked it all down with a smile, b/c he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

    I still have the bottle of Arbor Mist wine he brought to that first date. PROBABLY because I’m the world’s laziest housekeeper, and by the time I got to throwing it away he had been coming around for a few months… But sometimes laziness has its advantages :).

    5 years of marriage tomorrow, 10 years since the chicken date in January. Woof.

  3. says

    CUTE! You guys are cute.

    Jim and I met at church. He was 16, I was 18. I saw him in the choir loft from the back row and thought, “wow, that guy is CUTE.” And then we met for real at some point in the following weeks (neither of us remembers exactly when). I fell madly and completely in love with him over the next couple of years. He was my best friend for awhile. We talked online a lot (2001-2001 – WHAT UP AIM?) and on the phone. I remember telling someone Memorial Day 2002 that I wanted to marry him. He dated other people somewhere in between us meeting and us getting together. He graduated high school in June 2002, we went on our first date July 6, 2002, and were married July 26, 2003. He told me two weeks in that he wanted to marry me, and it still took 8 months for him to propose. We were YOUNG (he 19, me 21) when we got married. (We were the virgin couple, too!) I feel like I’ve blogged this in more detail. Hold on a second. Here it is: :)

  4. says

    I feel like I’ve blogged my how-we-met story before, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now, so I’ll give you the short version, then check, and then blog it if it’s not already, there, ok? Ok.

    Also, first things first–URBANA?!? Illinois?!? I went to high school north of Chicago and like half my graduating class (’98, not too far behind you) went there. I made some very bad decisions and kissed a boy I never should have kissed in Urbana. And then wound up at UNL, where you also were… HOW HAVE WE NOT MET?!?

    Right, me & Jeremy.

    We met working at a renaissance faire. Well, technically we met at the orientation/rehearsals for said faire, but yeah. Talk about nerds. Big ones. He’s a musician. I thought he was cute (because he is) but he was a) dating some beautiful, lithe, blue-eyed blonde and 2) busy working on his reputation as “that kinda guy” so since I was convinced he was WAY outta my league (so, so pretty) and too interested in getting laid to be interested in a “waiting for marriage” fat girl, we became friends. And I forgot to be shy around him. And then he broke up with his girlfriend, decided I was a) worth waiting for and 2) worth forsaking all others and… Ta-da! We got married. (there’s a lot more stuff in there, but I said short version, right?)

    Our 6th wedding anniversary is next month. Dude, how time flies.

    Also, you and your family are BEAUTIFUL. No lie.

  5. says

    Dave and I met in grade school – St. Francis of Assisi Elementary – thirty years ago this fall. Our childhood homes are a 5 minute walk apart, and his grandmother lived about 6 houses away from my babysitter. He’s two years older, though, which is HUGE at that age. We knew each other, but we didn’t really interact until high school.

    We were in both in musicals together, and we hung out a bit. He had a part time job at the pizza place owned by the family of mutual friends and at which 4 or 5 of our other friends worked. My friend Jen had a crush on him (he was not really interested but was too nice/too introverted to say anything outright), but she was inexplicably and uncharacteristically tongue-tied around him, so we’d all hang out and I’d be the one interacting with him. We got thrown together a whole lot and became really close friends. By the end of high school, he’d become one of my best friends. But I was always dating someone else and so was he.

    He took a couple years off between high school and University, so he was working part time in the summer of ’95 when I was headed into my last year of high school. His parents were away and he hosted a party at which we both got drunk, and he walked me home. I don’t know what got into me, but though I was still dating my long-term, about-to-head-off-to-school boyfriend, I said something about how if we’d ever been single at the same time, we’d have ever gotten together. He was SHOCKED. He’d had a bit of a soft-spot for me for years, but never thought it’d come to anything. So – the other boy and I broke up, and we started dating – it’ll be 17 years on Monday. !!!

    We ended up breaking up for 2 years during University. Our schools were nearly 4 hours apart and we needed to grow up a bit. I was the instigator (am an asshole), but when you start dating at 17, it’s hard to know how wonderful and well-suited you are. During our time apart, I ended up using Dave as a benchmark for every other guy. Finally — with the prospect of him moving back to within an hour of me — it dawned on me that if I was measuring everyone else up to him that it was senseless to keep looking. EVERYONE in my life was secretly hoping we’d reconcile (and I was getting clear signs in my prayer life too), but it took me a while to clue in. I am so very thankful that he was eager to get back together.

    That was in January of 2000. We got engaged a couple years later (when I finished my Master’s) and we got married in October of 2004. He’s my favourite person in the entire world, and I am so happy that I get to spend my life with him.

  6. says

    In 1991 I was working in DC and hated it. Decided I’d answer two personal ads in the Washingtonian magazine (that was the thing to do for single people back then … crazy single people) and then move to Boston, knowing the dates wouldn’t work out. The first blind date was with an alien (seriously, he was so weird and not human). The second date was great. He was kind and funny and nice. We married 8 months later. That was 20 years ago.

  7. says

    Gulp, I’m so guilty of skimming emails like Gregg. Is it weird that I worked with a guy name Kregg?

    Thank you for sharing those pics of you two and your family – I’m sure he’s so totally enthused about that pretty picture of him in drag. Priceless.

  8. says

    First – You are both so darn CUTE!

    To be honest, I can’t tell you when B and I first met. We grew up the same very small town, so I’m certain we crossed paths in our very young lives, but the first time he was real presence in my life was when we were in high school. I was a junior and he was a sophomore. We’d gotten to know each other through choir (I was a glee kid LOOOOONG before glee was even remotely cool) and then after a basketball game he came up to me – in front of my group of girlfriends SO BRAVE! – and asked if I wanted to ‘go out’. Even though I didn’t know him very well I figured it couldn’t hurt so I spent the next few weeks sporting his giant class ring. Then, as teenage girls do, I got a wild hair up my rear that I didn’t want to be ‘attached’ any more. I broke up with him over the phone. My exact words were, “I don’t think I can be your girlfriend anymore.” Then there was silence and a dial tone. The next day was the first day of school he had missed EVER (I didn’t find that part out until much later and I feel weirdly guilty about it still). I still liked him as a person, but there was someone else that I apparently liked more. So I went with the other guy to prom that year. And convinced my best friend to take B. I am very good at setting up awkward social situations. Following prom B and I had zero contact. I dated N my senior year and while he and B were friends our paths just didn’t cross.

    Fast forward to my senior year of college. On New Year’s Eve 2002 I was lying in bed feeling broken over a ridiculous on-again/off-again relationship. That night I prayed that God would tell me what I was supposed to do. On January 2nd N invited me to a basketball game to celebrate his birthday. We’d broken up a few years prior but remained good friends. When he asked me to go he casually mentioned that B would be there. I started fearing a major confrontation and even though I considered backing out multiple times something was pushing me to go. I figured there would be enough people around that I could avoid B. Instead we ended up right next to each other at the game. We did the casual small talk, but that was it. I was pretty certain he had a girlfriend and five years worth of anger towards me so I didn’t push it, but uh, time had been very, very good to B. Plus I was still unsure of my own relationship status. A few hours and a few drinks later the guys came back to my apartment to spend the night instead of making a long drive home.

    At this point B and I were on much friendlier terms…and N was getting extremely jealous. Apparently he was hoping HE would be the one to break me free from the college boyfriend and B was stealing his game! N slept in my bed and B and I talked through the entire night on the floor in the living room. It was easily one of the best nights of my life. The next morning I was so confused. Here’s this guy from my past, I can’t figure out what’s going on with my current relationship and yet another ex is in the mix. It was the first and last time I was involved with more than one guy at the same time. It might sound like fun, but I do NOT recommend it. That is why The Bachelorette gives me stress hives.

    There were a lot of awkward moments over the next few weeks, including a pre-arranged spring break trip with a group of people that included college boyfriend, but on April 1st 2002 (yes, April Fool’s Day, how appropriate!) B and I said our first “I Love Yous”. We spent two years alternating weekends driving over 300 miles round trip to see each other. It wasn’t easy, but it was great for us. When we got together we were both ending dysfunctional relationships with other people and that distance gave us the space we needed to fix ourselves up a little bit. It also forced us to become good communicators and that’s served us well in our seven years of marriage.

    I never in a million years would have imagined that I’d end up where I am – fortunately reality is sometimes better than imagination!

  9. says

    Well! I would have paid money, CASH MONEY, to get to look at those fun photos.

    Paul and I met on the first day of Freshman Orientation at college. We hung out together in the same group and had most of our meals together for most of that year. Then I split off from that group because of an Absorbing Romantic Relationship that led to marriage and then divorce before graduation. After graduation, Paul and I started dating.

  10. says

    I’ve got an enginerd too!!

    The short version of how we met is that we were both on the commuter rail from Providence to Boston and I just started talking to him. Because that’s the kind of weirdo I am. The long version involves how my now-ex-husband was sitting next to me at the time and gets all “FAAATTTEEEEEEE” and stuff.

  11. Hellcat13 says

    Awwwww, these are all so cute!

    I play women’s hockey, and for months I’d been admiring the cute blue-eyed referee with the nice smile. We’d flirt back and forth on the ice whenever he was scheduled for one of my games, and I eventually asked one of the timekeepers about him. She paused and then said, “oh Chris? He’s married!” I was furious – I’d really felt that little spark and I was so upset that someone who was married would flirt like that. I stewed a little bit but moved past it eventually.

    I didn’t see him for a few months, and then in January of 2005, I was on the ice and he was reffing again. I delivered a solid (illegal) hip check and sent a girl flying across the ice. His arm went up, and I went skating to the penalty box. While I was serving my time, he leaned in and started flirting again. My hackles went up, and I sputtered with anger, “Quit flirting! You’re married!” To which he replied “…I’m not married!”

    We spent the rest of the game flirting like mad, and he got my phone number after the game. We went out shortly thereafter, and we’ve been together ever since. I like to say that I managed to pick up a guy while I was sweaty and gross and smelling like rank hockey gear. Chris likes to say that once he saw me throw that body check, he knew he couldn’t let me get away.

  12. says

    This is a fantastic love story–especially the awkward parts. Also, you were lovely at your wedding! Also, you haven’t changed (appearance-wise) at all! You’re eternally 20.

    Also, awww!!!

  13. AbsP says

    Ok here is my story. Eric was my Taekwondo instructor (SCANDALOUS). He got assigned the noon class I had been going to and I thought he was funny and really cute. I overheard him say his AOL screen name (god, dating myself), so I stalked him on AOL and make up a lame excuse to email him to ask “advice.” Then I wished him happy birthday via email when I found out his birthday. We started to talk a little bit, and we had just gotten a puppy so I was like “Heeeeey, wanna come see my puppy?” And he did. I totally used my puppy to lure him over to my house. Then we started to go out a little, still just as friends. In fact, the first time we went on a date, we went to the movies. Face Off. I leaned into him and he LEANED AWAY FROM ME. I told my mom and she said, “Are you sure he’s not gay? He dresses awfully nice and always smells good.” THANKS, MOM. Turns out he was INSANELY shy and had only had one other girlfriend who really trashed his heart and a new relationship freaked him out. Anyway, after a few dates and nothing, maybe just a hug or maybe holding hands, one evening he literally said, “Oh, fuck it” and kissed me. Heh. That was.. 15 years ago?

  14. says

    I met Ed for the first time on the bus in 7th grade, and I hated his obnoxious guts. 3 years later when I was a sophmore and he was a junior, I would sit with him on the bus and complain about my loser boyfriend. Boyfriend and I broke up and Ed and I found ourselves hanging out that summer with the careful finagling of our mutual best friend. We made it official on August 14, 1994 and have been together ever since (18 years next week!), married since 2002.

    I love your story; you guys are adorable. And. AND! Gregg looks just like the pictures you draw of him. I would recognize him on the street from your drawings alone!

  15. says

    oh you are so cute! both of yous! I love this story. I love love. And the sometimes funny insecure way we all get there. I find it incredible that you were so different and fell for each other. Thank you for sharing your love story. it’s adorable and funny and romantic and dorky. That’s my kinda love. And sorry to do a link here, but this is our story all wrapped up in a bow. LOVE YOU SHALINI!

  16. says

    My husband is a step down from enginerd – he’s a Network Analyst. I’m an artist/writer, so it’s a good balance of reality and total chaotic flakiness. We met when he was 18 and I was 19 in a college church group . We dated on and off for TEN YEARS. He needed to grow up, party a lot, and treat me like a dirtbag would until I said NO MORE, and went my own way. He totally got all jealous, and straightened up pretty quickly and once again became the charming young nerd I met long ago. After a few more years we got married (last September), and we’re super happy and we only fight about food and how I forget how all my money is spent. So, happily-ever-after for me, which is kinda weird but mostly awesome.
    Your little family is so cute! You picked the right enginerd.

  17. CarrynM says

    So so cute.
    I was desperately trying to grow up and get my life together. After one failed attempt at moving away from home to go to college, I was ready to try again. The slacker that I was dating at the time decided he was going to do the same. So I picked a college that was about an 8 hour drive from our hometown and he “followed”. Due to an unfortunate math requirement (CURSE YOU ANALYTIC TRIG!) The slacker got in at the fall and I had to wait till the spring. The slacker manage to score a really cool internship through the college with a group developing a video game. I went to visit him and hang out at his job a few times that fall, so right away when I get there in the spring I have built in friends. At the end of January the group has a new guy start. Really good at what he does, he is automatically a senior team member. He is also 29 (way old compared to my 22). He’s married but his wife elected to stay behind in their exotic home state of Ohio to finish her job which was till the end of the school year.
    The new guy and I became fast friends. I leaned that he was seriously unhappy in the marriage department and that his wife was…difficult. The slacker became a bigger douche everyday, saying things like “I’ll dump you if you ever get fat”, in that joking but not joking tone. I knew the new guy was awesome and was totally crushing on him but I never thought seriously about it because he was married and so much “older”.
    I had basically had it with the slacker and was trying to figure out a way to ditch him without losing all my friends, who happened to be his coworkers. The new guy told me that his wife had called him and told him that she had decided not to move, but go ahead and keep sending money to support her. After he put up with it for a few months, I honestly figured they would never split.
    The new guy started to very openly drop hints that he had a thing for me. Which delighted me and freaked me out at the same time. Until one day…he went with me to grab some stuff from my car and told me that he had told his wife he wanted a divorce, then he grabbed my hand and asked me if I felt the same way about him as he felt about me. YES!!!!
    We moved in together 2 weeks later.
    I got to keep all of my friends because it turns out nobody liked the slacker douche.
    We were the talk of my college and the new guys work, even though we tried to keep our relationship under the radar. Dudes are just as gossipy as chicks.
    There was lots more drama with the slacker after I got together with the new guy, but those are other stories for another time. :)

  18. Amy K says

    Hooray for enginerds! First of all, let me just say that you and your husband appear to be getting more and more attractive as the years go on, which is horribly unfair.

    I met my husband at sports camp the summer I turned 15. He was the hot, sarcastic, intelligent bad boy. I wasn’t one of the cool kids, but we somehow became friends and ran into each other through the years at sports events and camps. We’d call each other periodically to say hello (we lived in different cities). Did I mention that I had a major crush on him? I finally worked up the courage to ask him to a high school dance my senior year, he agreed to come, and then a couple of weeks before the event I called to finalize our plans and he’d completely forgotten about it and was going to be out of the country. Asshole. So we never dated, I went off to college, he got engaged to someone, and I never really expected to hear from him again. After college graduation, I had just started a relationship with someone else when I got an email from him saying he was going to be in town and wanted to come visit me. Against my better judgment, I told him he could, and I found out he’d never gotten married. We became friends again, and one thing led to another, and here we are today. We met 20 years ago this month and will be married nine years in November.

  19. says

    Kevin and I met in college, but we were both dating other people and I pretty much knew him as “the guy building the set” and he knew me as “the who who plays the chick cop”. After I graduated, I went back down to school to see a play directed by the ex I was still hung up on. Ran into Kevin, and I mentioned that I really wanted to get back into theatre but didn’t know how. He said that his community theatre group up home was doing “Noises Off” and I should audition. I did, and I got cast. He and I started emailing after the cast and crew emails were sent out, and he invited me to a wine tasting party he was having. I didn’t really drink much then (and really didn’t drink wine), and I NEVER go to parties where I won’t know anyone, but I was tired of being hung up on my ex and the one-night fling I’d had with a guy from high school didn’t really do much to help me get over it, so I decided to put on my big-girl panties and go. I figured if it was awful I would leave.

    It wasn’t awful. I had a great time, and when I tried to leave at like 2:30 in the morning (because it was 2:30 in the morning) his friend carried me into the bathroom, sat me on the counter, and said, “You can’t leave. Kevin really likes you and you can’t leave until he does something about it.” At which point Kevin knocked on the door, and his friend opened it, shoved him inside, and then left and closed the door behind him. And then I launched myself at Kevin (which was weird, because I hadn’t really thought about him like that at all, but I guess I thought it might be fun to make out? Or something?) and we made out until like 4 a.m. (we did, at some point, exit the bathroom). He left the next day for a business trip, and we talked on the phone every night that week. The day he came back, *I* left for a weekend with a friend, and we talked every night. When I got back, we went out for real, and that was that.

  20. says

    A. and I met in grad school, in the best class I ever took, Ecology of Knowledge. Super Nerd Porn!

    Anyway, I noticed him right away. He was a BROODING, SMOKIN’-HOT, SMARTY PANTS! He’d wear this black leather jacket, sported his shaved head and goatee (I love that combo), and would hardly speak. When he did speak, it was always such insightful, cool shit. And he had the most perfect nose I’d ever seen. (I still LOVE his nose.)

    I was, um, sleeping with someone else. Lets call him Bob. I made it clear to Bob that this was just about having fun, not about a relationship, blah, blah, blah. He kept asking me to go home to meet his parents over Thanksgiving, so I broke it off. Clearly Bob couldn’t think with only his penis, so I thought I’d spare his heart.

    Apparently, A. had noticed me, too. But he know I was “dating” Bob. I made sure to mention that I’d kicked him to the curb before class one night so that A. would overhear.

    The first thing A. every said to me directly was to suggest I add a tablespoon of flour to my cake recipes. We live at 7200 feet and I was complaining about my baking failures. BROODING, SMOKIN’-HOT, SMARTY PANTS baked! Hello!

    I presented my final paper, which involved memories, ancestors, knowledge, especially among women and birth stories. I included stuff about how my mother lived on every time I told the birth story she told me.

    A. asked if we could get together and talk, as he had lost his father, too, but felt much differently about the loss than I did about my mother.

    So, we got together to talk about our dead parents and have been together, and insanely happy, for nearly eight years.

  21. says

    You are adorable. All of you. I love this story.
    I met my hubby in jr. high many, many years ago. We also went to high school together and went to homecoming together our senior year as “just friends”. He liked me, but was too nerdy and shy to admit it. We were both nerdy, insecure band geeks. I didn’t think he was cute because he was one of the only guys in school with a mustache. I learned later that he hated that thing, too.
    So, we graduated in 1994 (I’m totally dating myself here, I know), and never saw or spoke to each other again until 2009. I was a single mom, living by myself and I finally got my own computer. I was always too broke to have one, and a friend bought me one because he’s awesome. But, I digress- I got myself a facebook account, and reconnected with a lot of old friends from h.s, including the now hubby.
    We talked, confided in one another, fell in love, and decided to meet in person to make sure our feelings were real, and not just based off the magic of the internets.
    Our feelings turned out to be more real and intense than we thought, and fell quickly in love. We had a long distance relationship for a year and a half, as I lived in Ohio and he in Michigan. He bought us a house, and my son and I moved in, followed by his 2 sons. Now we’re one big, messy, blended family. We’ve been together for 3 years, and married for 10 months. :)

  22. says

    Awww, that’s one heck of a story, “enginerd” warning and crazy lost/found email included. (Love the evolution of The Beard through the photos. Also, interesting how you both actually seem OLDER in your wedding photo. What, is there reverse aging going on in your family?) Here’s hoping someday I get to pay you back with my story.

  23. says

    Ok, so I was 18, had just graduated high school a few weeks before and was working a boring summer office job that left me at a computer with a lot of downtime. Some friends of mine were in a band and had entered a contest and asked me to vote for them. I went to the music website and had to create a profile to vote. With nothing better to do I did, and after voting I noticed there were some message boards so I checked it out. I started spending a lot of time on the boards, talking about music (I went to at least 4 concerts a week in high school. I knew a ton of bands, all the bouncers and security guards and concert promoters at the local venues. I was even a Merch Girl. Music was my life.) and there was someone I ended up talking to frequently. (Spoiler: it was Geoff.)

    We eventually wanted to talk to each other “privately” so we would dig up ancient threads and talk there where no one would find us. (Until they found us, of course. Then we switched over to AOL messenger.) We talked ALL DAY. He was 20, in Boston, the summer between his Jr/Sr years of college and was working a boring summer job at a library. Because of the time difference every afternoon I’d impatiently wait for him to frantically ride his bike home after work so we could resume talking until I got off work. Then we started emailing each other in the middle of the night. I was at the end of a relationship, but it lingered in the background a bit and I let it because I could tell it made Geoff anxious, even though we weren’t together or anything and I liked the attention. And I’m mean. Whatever. I mean, at this point it had been a month and we’d never actually met face to face (we didn’t even see pics of each other until a month in!). But we were young and dumb and clearly had a connection.

    Geoff would often email me while under the influence and it was obvious he liked me. Knowing him like I do now, I can see he was trying SO HARD to impress me- it’s adorable. (I still have all those emails, and like to go visit them from time to time.) With all the talking online we knew SO MUCH about each other in a short amount of time, plus we’d started talking on the phone at night (when we both had unlimited minutes.) A month after we started talking was his 21st birthday, I asked for his address so I could send him some random stuff as a birthday present. On his birthday I was the first person to wish him a happy birthday, and then that night he lost his phone at a bar. He was so upset it meant we couldn’t talk until he got a new one. Then he emailed me the next day saying he thought he might be in love with me.

    I SHOULD have run away right then, but I was 18 and liked him and thought maybe I did, too. Never mind the whole detail of HAVING NEVER MET BEFORE. This kept up for a few months, and we continued to get more serious. Then that Thanksgiving he flew out to meet me. I knew my parents wouldn’t let some random dude come stay with us, so I told them he was a friend of a friend who I’d met when he visited CA earlier in the year. Somehow they allowed this. I was SO NERVOUS picking him up at the airport that night, finally realizing how stupid this might all be. He could be insane! A murderer! What was I doing??

    Then he walked out of the gate and we hugged and I took him home where we stayed up playing a game of Monopoly and making a 2a.m. donut run. He beat me at Monopoly that night- something that has never happened to me before- and that’s pretty much when I knew this was real.

    We became a real couple, he finished college and we made a few trips back and forth. I met his entire family at his graduation and then he moved out to CA to be with me. I moved in with him pretty much right away and we’ve been together ever since. This all happened 10 years ago and my parents, uh, still don’t know the truth. So, parents, if you’re reading, stop 6 paragraphs up.

  24. says

    First, as the kids say, your family is totes aborbes.
    I met my hubs trying to prove a point. I disagreed with a friend on the value of internet dating sites. I said they were useless because everyone just said what they thought people wanted to hear, not the truth. She disagreed. To prove my point I put up a completely honest profile on, expecting no replies whatsoever. Within two hours I had three. John was the first lucky devil.

  25. Nicole says

    I don’t have a “How We Met” story of my own, but I hope to someday. However, there are other great stories in my family, so I’ll tell you those.

    My parents’ story starts early in their freshman year of college. My dad saw my mom from across the street on campus. She was waiting for a bus. He didn’t even meet her then, but went home and told his roommate he’d just seen the girl he was going to marry. He somehow found out who she was and finagled an introduction through mutual friends. In one of their first conversations, he tried to impress her with his high ACT scores (because what else do you talk about early in your freshman year of college?). As it turns out, her scores were higher. They had their first date that September, and married in July almost three years later.

    My younger brother met his wife at church. He was three, she was six. But things really started to happen when he was fifteen and she was eighteen. She was one of my best friends, and our whole youth group hung out a lot (even apart from church functions). He basically said, “You’re it. You’re the one.” She basically said, “Holy crap, you’re FIFTEEN.” To which, he responded, “Just wait. You’ll see.” He continued to pursue her, and eventually they started dating. She went away to college for a year, and at some point that fall, they broke up. She wasn’t sure she wanted to have to wait so long to be able to be married and start a family. Her family called her crazy and assured my brother they’d do whatever they could to make her see reason. By Christmas, they were back together, a little over a year later, they were engaged, and at ages 19 and 22, they got married.

    My older brother took a different tack. Because he was very serious about school, he had never really dated anyone seriously in high school. We ended up at the same small university (I arrived two years after he did) and had many mutual friends. He knew most of my sorority sisters before I did. My second year, during rush week, I got particularly close with one new girl. She was a little shy, but funny and very nice. When she chose to join the house, I requested her as a roommate. The day she moved in, my brother and I had plans to meet up for dinner. At some point he called and asked if I wanted to do dinner at the sorority house or at his place. I told him I wanted to eat at his place, but he should come over and meet my new roommate first. “She’s cute, you’d like her!” I explained. He replied, “Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.” He didn’t meet her that day, but the day he finally did meet her, she was dressed up to go out with friends and was wearing a black shirt that said “VEGAS” in silver, glittery letters across it. Of course, he instantly nicknamed her Vegas (she was mortified) and they became friends. I left that school after that year, but they (and we) remained friends. I found out the following year from her that she had a massive crush on him, but didn’t ever think it would amount to anything. I began to try to plant the seed when I would talk to him, asking what they’d done together recently or asking how she was. Eventually, he started to realize there was a possibility of something there. Unfortunately, there was another girl in the picture that he thought might be a possibility as well. I think you can guess in which direction my encouragement ran. Eventually I just told him he needed to ask her out and stop agonizing over it. He did, and the rest is history. Two tears later, they got married and now they have two beautiful kids.

    So those are my stories. And yes, my sisters-in-law were both my friends before they ever loved my brothers, and I think it’s awesome.

  26. Christa says

    Aww, what a great ending to the story! I love happy endings :) (who does’t right? I mean, who says, “hey it would be really cool if this movie/book/story ended with nothing turning out right , everyone feeling sad and miserable” lol)?

    I have my own happy ending now, and I have my very own “enginerd” too! lol I don’t care what anyone says or thinks- engineers are awesome :)

    I met my Mr. Wonderful online, but not through a dating web site or anything. We had both been widowed recently and happened to “meet” in an online support group. We both had kids and were struggling to get through this horrible time and get our kids through it… I admired Mr. Wonderful for his great sense of humor and his determination to get through this tragedy and become a better person.

    Somehow he emailed me, innocently enough, but before long, we were emailing several times a day and felt a connection. We actually lived over 2000 miles apart then, he here in the US and me in Canada. He flew up to meet me, and then continued to visit me every six weeks. (this actually continued for 2.5 years!)

    We didn’t want to disrupt the school year for the kids we still had at home, as we felt stability for them was more important than anything. We got married in the US on one of my infrequent trips to see him, and started immigration proceedings.

    We were married for a year and a half before I was able to move to the US to be with Mr. Wonderful. We set up a beautiful home, and though it’s taken some work, we are really a family now. We have seven kids between us, and it’s a lovely crowd when we all get together!

    We have both learned some really important lessons, and have carried that forth. Both of us feel our tragedies are something to be thankful for, as it has made us better people. We are more grateful every day for things that we used to take for granted. We remember to keep our priorities where they should be, and we have a wonderful life together :)

  27. says

    Short story: Chris and I met at a bar in San Diego (Lucy’s in Ocean Beach, if you’re ever there. Best bar ever. Look for our picture on the wall.)

    Long story: I had been in a relationship for about 5 years with someone who was just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I knew he was wrong, I knew we’d never end up together for-ev-er, and yet.

    We worked together at a drugstore and then I graduated college and got a job and he continued to work at the drug store, then I got a better job and he…continued to work at the drug store.

    It was in that first job that I ended up meeting a guy who I thought was a little nerdy (but very cute!), but never, ever was interested because “I have a boyfriend.”

    Fast-forward to Better Job and I randomly met Cute Nerdy again at an event and fireworks went off. So THIS is how it’s supposed to feel. Okay, got it. I broke up with Wrong Wrong Wrong the night before Thanksgiving, after a conversation with my parents about fresh starts (my mom broke up with her college boyfriend New Years Eve night because she wanted to have a good next year!) and s-e-x (hint: you should want to do it. Thanks, Dad!)

    The next three months were what I like to call my “hoeing it out” stage. I dated. Often. A lot. Etc. I met a guy at Lucy’s who I thought was The Absolute One. More than Cute Nerdy, whose ship had long since sailed (spoiler: it wasn’t that great. At all. Fireworks went out QUICKLY on that one.)

    The Absolute One had just come out of a relationship with a girl who really seemed to have fucked up his psyche. Regardless, we got together after a week. A week later, on St. Patrick’s Day, we “ended things” (two weeks! hahahahahaha oh Sarah) and it was a week after THAT that I found myself at Lucy’s, staring at a very handsome, tall gentleman who was having a cigarette with my girlfriends.

    I went out to monitor their conversation (one friends had a boyfriend, but he wasn’t there and she wasn’t too good at not flirting and leading guys on.) Handsome Tall asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, and the rest his history.

    Oh wait, no.

    We were enjoying our drinks (same order, Sapphire and tonic!) and in walked The Absolute One. Naturally I stopped talking to Handsome Tall and spent the rest of the night with The Absolute One. Handsome Tall left with his brother, who he was there with, and asked my girlfriends if he could call me. They said no, I was with The Absolute One. Handsome Tall (this right here is his side of things, I was off with The Absolute One, remember?) “flicked” his business card at them and said something aloof and brusque about “call me maybe” and they left.

    Fast-forward to Monday morning. My friends had given me Handsome Tall’s card, so I emailed him saying it was nice to have met, we went to Lucy’s a lot, maybe we could hang out again?

    He called me that night.

    We have been hanging out ever since.

  28. says

    Enginerds FTW! My husband was an engineer when I met him. A FINANCIAL engineer, which seems extra nerdy. (Although I did date a guy who was an electrical engineer – or EE – and frequently wore a shirt that said “you can’t spell geek without EE.” He was beautiful and sweet and brilliant and gay.)

    Anyway, I love the photos. He is super handsome and you make an adorable couple and NO WONDER you have such gorgeous kids.

    Here is my “how we met” story:

  29. says

    So cute! And 38 comments with more stories too!

    My husband and I met through work. We both worked for an office supply store but at different locations. I broke up with my fiancé in July, and in December we had a big countywide sale where all the managers (like me and hubs) had to participate. We worked the same shifts, flirted, went to lunch and dinner together, and on the last day I hung out much longer than I needed to waiting for him to ask me for my phone number. He finally did, called me that Tuesday, we went out on Wednesday, and Friday, and he was basically living with me two weeks later (scandalous!) that was 2002, we married in 2007 and had our boys in 2008 and 2010 and never looked back! Well, that’s probably not true but I do still love him and that definitely matters :) I tease him because while I am his type (he goes for the glasses wearing bookish girls), I also go for the glasses-wearing bookish types and he’s all GQ and muscle-y. But he’s a closet nerd, so it definitely works!

  30. says

    I met J, my own personal enginerd (mechanical!), over Jdate. I was 24 and had been living in Columbus, Ohio for two years. During that time, I had a pretty difficult time meeting any nice Jewish boys. There were some nice(ish) gentile boys. Some not-so-nice gentile boys. And some downright nasty gentile boys. But Jewish boys of any stripe were few and far between.

    Hilda, who was in her 70s and a friend of my grandmother’s, told me and my sister that we should try JDate. Feeling a little ashamed that a septuagenarian had a better handle on the world wide web than I did, I signed up.

    J was 26 and had just moved to Columbus to start working at Honda. We emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks. He liked that I signed emails with things like “zoinks!” I liked the fact that he was genuinely funny and a good writer, even though he doesn’t believe it. After a couple of weeks, we took our relationship to the next level–a phone call. He told me about driving his mother’s Ford Taurus off a cliff and getting hit in the chest with a chainsaw on his second day on the job as a tree surgeon. He then worried that he’d used up all his interesting stories on the first phone conversation.

    He took me out to coffee, because that’s what you do on a first date, but there was a power outage in the area the coffee shop was not serving coffee. So we went two doors down to Graeter’s Ice Cream and ate ice cream on the patio and talked until the sun went down and we couldn’t see each other any more. Elaborating on the chainsaw story, he told me that his nipples were asymmetrical after the surgery had fixed him all up. Since fixing the asymmetry would require removing and reattaching a nipple, he decided to live lopsided. He also thought the asymmetrical nipple was starting to wander back into place and discussed the possibility of drawing an XY axis on his chest to measure the movement of the wandering nipple. (I did mention that he was an enginerd, right?)

    J drove me home and I invited him in. I wish I could remember what pretext I gave him because I really wanted to kiss him but I didn’t want to seem too obvious about it. Or maybe I just basically jumped him, which is what he claims. (I don’t know if I trust the opinion of a man who discussed nipple relocation on a first date.) In any case, we kissed and it blew off the top of my head. After he went home, I emailed my best friend to say “I met the man I’m going to marry, and his name is J.”

    That was nine years ago. We got married four years ago as of next Friday. We had a moon bounce at our wedding, J wore black Converse high tops with his tux, and we made our getaway on a motorcycle. Just in case you were thinking the weirdness was just first date jitters.

  31. says

    Ahem. I didn’t read all these stories, but my sweetie and I have all of you beat. We met on an “adult personals website.” Seriously.

    I was looking for “friends with benefits.” So was he. When he emailed me, I remembered looking at his profile and thinking, “He’s in the Army?” Then I thought, “Eh. He looks decent. I guess I’ll give him a try.” So I emailed him back. We set up a first date on Friday of that week (this was a Monday). I gave him my number, and he called me on Tuesday night. We talked on the phone for three hours. About what, I have NO idea. It wasn’t sexual in nature, if y’all are wondering. Wednesday night he called me again. We talked on the phone for another three hours. Thursday night, same thing. By the time Friday came around, I was strangely excited. He picked me up, which normally I never do for the first date. We went to The Ram in Puyallup (Shalini, you might know where Puyallup is). We talked for a long time and enjoyed dinner, and then I went back to his place. We slept in the same bed, but there was no sex. At all. I slept in a pair of his pajama pants and one of his t-shirts. Though I don’t normally have trouble sleeping, I laid awake for a long time because I was so elated I’d found this guy.

    A week later I saw him again. This time he was in uniform. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for a guy in uniform. Though we’re not married, it’s been 3.5 years and I know he’s “the one.”

    Everybody say, “Awwwwww” now. :)

  32. says

    Also, you and your enginerd are totally adorable! I love the story….and your family is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

  33. Kate says

    If you dated yourself, I’m going to date myself more…. ha! and what an adorable family you make.

    L and I met on the internet. on a dating site. in 1998, before most people even knew what those were…. AND it was Starmatch, an astrology based match site. how awesome is that? (insert maniacal laugh here)

    Sooooo… long story… I was getting out of a 10 year marriage to my high school sweetheart. Turns out he was more interested in pursuing a relationship with someone else. soooo….. I was in Texas (from Kansas), on my own, and trying to figure out if I should stay in TX or go back home. I decided the odds of me meeting someone incredible were more likely to happen in a city of over a million people, than in a city of roughly 40,000. So, I stayed. I was working at a magazine distribution job at the time (you know those people who stock all of the magazines in grocery stores? That was me)… and one day I was re-stocking the little astrology scrolls for the month. I noticed they had a matchmaking website, and I thought ‘what the hell’…. so I signed up (It was free, after all….). Within a week or so, I was chatting with a couple of people… but one was in Hawaii recovering from an injury, and I don’t even remember where the other lived. After less than two weeks, I saw L’s profile. Our match rating was an ’11′ on a scale of 10. I liked it. It was honest and intelligent… and mentioned previous relationships, so I knew he couldn’t be just awful. He mentioned ‘first you have to find the right person, then you have to be the right person’…. I was hooked. I asked if he lived near Austin (I had Deer Park and Cedar Park confused) … turns out we were only an hour apart from each other. Then I did something I swore I wouldn’t do… I suggested we meet. I hadn’t seen a picture, and I said I would NEVER respond to a profile with no picture!! But I did. I mean, 5′ 11″ , brown hair, blue eyes, and catholic? How bad could he be, right?
    So, we met in town. I took a friend. I dressed horribly, a baggy sweater, boots, (It was 1998, cut me some slack)… and we met at a psychic fair of all places!!! When I saw him, I thought he was pretty cute, but he didn’t see me yet. I knew instantly it was him. Most likely because he didn’t fit in. ha! I ambled up to him and said hello… the three of us went to Macaroni Grill and ate and talked. We were incredibly familiar with each other… incredibly comfortable around each other. The next weekend we went out again, and again I took a friend. Again we had a good time. Emails were exchanged frequently.. he would always email me before going to bed… even after a night out with his friends. We started dating right away… and I knew he liked me because he would brave the horrible traffic every friday night to come and see me. Eventually we moved in together. He graduated law school. We bought a house… I still didn’t want to get married. I was too jaded from the last one. And then…. I got pregnant. So, in 2006, 8 years after we met, we finally got married… and now we have a beautiful 6 year old princess. Life is good.

  34. says

    a) these are all great stories! so nice of everyone to share.
    b) shalini, you’re ridonkulous–you said you had just wanted your wedding day to be over? you look amazing, it had to have been a fabulous day.
    c) why hadn’t gregg contacted you in all that time? he was that nervous? man, i remember no cellphone C-U back in the day, that must have been tortuous!
    d) hi susan!
    e) i probably overly reference how i met my (enginerd-ish) husband in the comment section of a blog (topic: who’s the better detective, nancy drew or encyclopedia brown?)–so if anyone wants to read about it, here’s a link revealing how during all the years I blogged about “H” while Jon was commenting away as one of my friends, they are actually the same person and, guess what, we were getting married.

  35. says

    Dan and I met in Grade 8. We had the same art class, and I was always borrowing his eraser. For some reason I couldn’t keep track of my school supplies and I was really bad in art class. Anyway, we were friends on and off for most of high school. He used stop by my house and pick me up to walk to school. I asked him to prom, even though there was another girl from our circle of friends who expected him to ask her. After high school graduation, I didn’t really see him for about a year even though we both went to university in our home town. That summer after the first year of University we saw each other a lot. I was sort of dating another guy in the group in July. Then a friend hosted a party for the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics. We watched athlete marching and drank. There was also discussion of daring people to do stuff, or bribing them. I said “For $5 I’ll kiss Dan”. So I climbed up beside him on the couch and kissed him. And it was probably the most powerful kiss. I knew that he was different, and it was a bit overwhelming. Then I went and fell asleep on the floor. The next day (Saturday) we were at another friend’s house, and we snuck outside again to discuss what happened, but we started making out again. On Sunday, I broke up with the other guy, and a few days later Dan and I were officially dating. We were married in 2002.
    I really like the Olympic opening ceremonies.

  36. says

    I am not going to write my story because my LORD is it boring, but I do have to say:


    As you were.

    PS- Gregg needs a new This American Life shirt. Dude, branch out.

  37. grammy says

    1) Husband #1: We met sometime or other around 1974 at church, in the choir. I tried to matchmake him to my very lonely friend, Eileen. That didn’t work. In February, 1975, Wayne had a party for Valentine’s Day at his/his mom’s house. We hung out a lot during the party and I met his mom and sister. He asked me out about a month later, but I was already going out with our friends from the choir. He picked me up at my/my parents’ house, and we joined the group at a small theatre. Afterwards, the whole crowd went to a pizza place. Everyone left except for Wayne, me, and Tom (a guy I had been crazy about several months before!). The 3 of us went for a walk on the pier by the harbor and Wayne mentioned how very tired he was. Tom offered to take me home! … but Wayne was too much of a gentleman for that, thank goodness. We then dated for 3 months–a lot, but then I went away with my niece Julie for a week, didn’t miss him at all, and I broke up with him. A month later, the choir director had a party at his shore place; Wayne got drunk, and we fell in love all over again! We got engaged that Christmas and married Memorial Day, 1976.
    Husband #2: My youngest daughter, Lisa, and Denny’s oldest son, Dave, were friends. They introduced us at a Halloween Coffee House that their youth group at church was having. Denny was a regular volunteer with the youth group; Lisa volunteered me to do clean up., and I came in Lisa’s Dance Team outfit!!! Denny and Lisa came dressed as Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd from Saturday Night Live. In early December, both Lisa and Dave went away with the youth group–both kids pushing Denny to call me. He did and we had our first day on 12/8/2001. He called me the next day to tell me what a nice time he had. I wasn’t home so he left a message–I wouldn’t erase it! Lisa almost shot me so I TAPED THE MESSAGE AND SAVED IT FOREVER! He went with me a few days later to one of Lisa’s Dance Team performances at her highschool basketball game. When he walked me to the car, one of Lisa’s friends insisted that Denny kiss me goodbye! Needless to say, he did:) That weekend, we went to the dinner theatre and almost paid attention to the play….We were both smitten! We saw each other nearly every night and were married 3/13/2004, with all of our kids plus Shalini as bridesmaids and ushers. We lived happily ever after.

  38. says

    You guys are cute!

    B and I went to high school together and had some classes together, but never really “met” until our senior year. He (inadvertently) made me cry after I bombed a physics project. Hindsight being what it is, this should have been a sign to run far, far away. But I was dumb at almost-18 and we started hanging out off and on after that. When the college guy I dated right before B couldn’t come home to go to my work Christmas party with me, I asked B. He was apparently a moron because he agreed to go.

    It was the world’s worst first date. One boss’s wife spent all of dinner talking about how old people should have more sex because they have more free time than young people (gesturing at B and I). She also told everyone about her perfect cervix. A lot. Again, the man must be a moron because this didn’t scare him off. We started dating after that and I had every intention of breaking up with him when we went to college in the fall. (Different schools! I didn’t want a boyfriend when I went to college!) Then I fell in love with him, so that didn’t work out as I had planned.

    We “broke up” when college started, but it was less than a month before we were back together, mostly because he wouldn’t leave me alone – he would IM me sweet things or e-mail me sweet things or call me and be sweet. I couldn’t resist. My dorm-mates told me they could tell from the first time I talked about him that we were going to end up back together.

    Fast forward five years and we got married. Move ahead six more, and here we are. I’ve been with this man my entire adult life.

  39. says

    Cute story!
    I met my husband on a blind date. No joke. I had just broken up with a loser when my Co-worker said she knew the perfect guy for me. My parents loved him (tongue in cheek) – I was a 20 year old honor student dating a guy who was 30 with a tattoo and a Harley. Somehow it all worked out because we’ve been married for 12 years with 2 kids and a happy home. You just never know when live will strike.
    Love reading all these love stories.

  40. Miava says

    Couldnt stand him. We met in college and he drove me nuts, not my type at all.

    A big group of us, about 12 people, we’re watching Basic Instinct. On the movie there is a TV in the background with the Jeffersons on. Florence says, “George Jefferson is unfair. He’s short with no hair.” We were the only two who cracked up. Who wouldn’t think that was funny?

    His best friend talked me into going on a double date. It was Tony & his girlfriend, Jon and myself. It was Halloween.

    I was 20. And that was 20 years ago.

    Last week my little Ava had her 6th birthday. Our two kids and the double date couple’s two kids played together. We are still close.

    And the Jeffersons are still funny. And I still love Halloween.

  41. says

    I love your story. Or the way you write your story. I giggled. A lot.

    @cfd46 and I met because of his best friend when I was in college. Kind of. In short, I was on LiveJournal in 2001. LiveJournal had this Random Button. You pressed the button and it took you to someone’s blog on LiveJournal. Randomly. So, I was Randoming, as I did at random, and landed on this post. It was SO FUNNY. And random! I had to comment, because I was giggle-snorting. And then that person replied. We had an exchange. AND THEN HIS FRIEND WITH THE CUTE AVATAR REPLIED. I clicked to his blog. And thus began our friendship. We didn’t start dating until mid-2003, even though I told his best friend that I had a crush on him and his friend TOLD HIM. LOLZ. College. What a time. Also, do I win for dorkiest?

  42. says

    Oh my goodness, what a cute post! I love the sequence of photos at the bottom – adorable!

    Okay, I met my husband in 1997 (So i can totally relate to the no-cell phones, and no computer!). I signed up to play on an intramural soccer team with a friend, Chris, from high school. Chris had found a few other people for the team and my husband was a friend of a friend. I thought he was also VERY GOOD LOOKING. And he always smelled really good. We both played defense together, and we were a good team. I still remember the first time he ever put his arm around me – I told him I couldn’t come to an upcoming game and he put his arm around me and said…….who the hell knows, but I still remember the way he felt (and smelled. I’m a firm believer in pheremones).

    We ended up dating for a few years, but broke up a couple times. We broke up for a few years and I moved an hour and a half away when I got my first teaching job. Almost four years after our last break up he called to see if I wanted to go out with him and a friend (every once in awhile we’d still talk). I had a friend from out of the country visiting me so I explained to her who this guy was we were meeting – that he was the love of my life and if he asked me to marry him i’d say yes, even though we hadn’t dated in years. We went out and had a fabulous time. Part way through the night my friend looked at me and said, “why aren”t you two together? you clearly still love each other!”. In the meantime, one of my now-husband’s aquaintences asked if he would give him my phone number, to ask me out on a date (he didn’t give it to him). By the end of the night, I agreed that my friend was right and I gave him a huge kiss.

    It’s now been 15 years since we first met and we’ve been married for 5. :)