Feminist Career Advice

Y’all. (Go with it. Pretend I’m Southern and Seattle is in the South and Indians say “y’all” a lot.)

Y’all, I’m a little anxious about my writing career. I don’t know if I’m going to say anything smart or funny at my BlogHer panel. I don’t know if my book is going to gigantically flop, or if I will ever ever even get it finished. Can I be a mom and a writer? What if I am a facsimile of a sham of a writer? I need career advice from a successful lady to help me navigate these waters!







I’m going to go paint my fingernails like tuxedos now and hope that makes me wildly successful. If that doesn’t work, sex book!






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    Shalini, you are smart and funny without even trying. Look at all the characters you’ve created just for this blog. They’re going to love you at BlogHer

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    I agree with “rooth.” You’ve created a massive amount of characters for this blog and you’re an amazing writer. I think you have a lot of valuable things to say. You will ROCK it! :)

    BTW, I’ve visited the south, but never lived there and I say “y’all.” All the cool people say it. :)

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    These posts always create so many mixed emotions. Shalini is making fun of Zooey again (sad). Shalini mentioned that ridiculous iPhone commercial (embarrassed and annoyed at Zooey). Shalini knows about the tuxedo nails! (happy). Sigh.

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    I dunno, Shalini–you’re pretty giggly and non-threatening when you’re drinking wine. ;)

    Or is that just during the early stages of wine tasting?