This Is Probably Why I’ll Never Make Money On Sponsored Posts

I’ve been not so good with my eating. It turns out emotionally eating a pound of cheese and a large bag of potato chips every afternoon has consequences in the pantsal area. WHO KNEW? I joined Weight Watchers for the month to help me get back to my regular fitting pantsal area.


Two weeks later:



And then I died. And then I quit Weight Watchers from the grave. The end.

If you see me in New York, I will be the one eating all of the cheese.




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    Yeah, I haven’t counted points for like 2 weeks now and I’m a LEETLE scared to weigh in on Saturday.

    P.S. I am currently snacking on a bowl of dark chocolate M&M’s

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    “Give me all of the bacon” Shalini I am eating cardboard right now because I refuse to buy more cheese. Because I eat the shredded kind straight out of the bag. YUM

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    This. Is. Awesome. I saw myself in this post, so I laughed. And laughed. (And I’m not on WW, but I should be ’cause I’m a big fatass.) By the way, I will NEVER EVER EVER stop eating cheese. I’d rather die first.

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    i could never give up cheese, either! that is why i signed up for a bootcamp. after which i will reward myself with a big old bowl of mac and cheese–and none of that boxed stuff, either.

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    I am sitting here eating an apple because I have already eaten almost half of my WW points for the day at only 12:15pm. And I laughed so hard I almost choked on said apple. Hahaha!

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    hah – i actually LOVE weight watchers and am USUALLY fairly satisfied since you can shovel in as many vegetables as possible without one single point. But cheese, yea cheese points get used up pretty fast. And I definitely save points for wine over cheese (even though I love both and really consume massive quantities of both regularly).