I’m Speaking at BlogHer OMFG!!!!

I AM GOING TO BLOGHER AND I CANNOT STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS. I feel a tiny, tidgy bit nervous about this situation. You see, I am not just GOING, I am on a panel. Where I will have to…panel? It’s a bit unclear.

Here is what I will be paneling, hopefully in a nice large wallpaper print that would be featured on Young House Love.

And I will be paneling with Jessie Oleson

@cakespy omg!

and Rachel Nabors


(@crowchick omg!).

They both seem very professional and artistic and do not seem to be barfing over the fact that they are illustrators and I am going to discuss…MS Paint? Pixelated graphics? Unicorns of happiness that become pies at will?

Who knows. I think I was thrown into this situation as a bet, or maybe the kicky sidekick who makes the fart jokes.

I am hoping very much to throw in some talk about mayonnaise and chickens and Zooey Deschanel and Christian Grey and nerdiness, even though that is not in the outline. And I will wear a puffy skirt. The puffiest I can fit in my bag.

My panel is at 9:30 in the AM on SATURDAY and you know what? There is a panel about sex and erotica at the same time, so I will have to BRING IT to compete with that. Maybe I can read some Backstage Pass to you and we can draw it on a screen? I WILL if you come.


*dramatic pause*

To my panel, I mean.



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    Shalini, if I were in NYC, I would totally be there. You’re going to be totally fantastic. Maybe just don’t dress like Hal

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    I wish I were there to see you. YOU WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! break legs and be fabulous. I know you will. I’m in your pocket cheering you on!

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    For about 5 minutes I considered taking the train to NYC this weekend to stand in the back and wave to you while wearing a Team Ian t-shirt, but then I remembered I have stupid family stuff to do and I don’t have a Team Ian t-shirt. So just imagine me back there waving to you, okay?

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    I would give anything to be there and listen to you wax poetic about Christian Grey and magical unicorns. Unfortunately, until my husband gets the kinks out of my website, my blog *technically* isn’t official. Boo.

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    I’m sure you will do a FABULOUS job. That’s so exciting! I’m ever so jealous that you actually get to GO to BlogHer. I’d be typing everything in all caps if I was. *sigh* Next year I am going. No ifs ands or buts. Or is it lots of butts? I always get those mixed up.

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    Yay!!!! You AND President Obama! Although, you get more props for actually being present and not doing a telecast thingy…