I’m in a bit of a rut right now. This is bad timing. I’m going to BlogHer next week to talk about how awesome my blog is and I’m all, “Meh. It’s OK, whatevs.” And I’m supposed to writing three zillion words per minute to finish my book so you can read it, but meh, do books really have to be written to be read?

All I really want to do is read books and watch movies on Netflix and eat chocolate peanut butter ice cream while lying in bed. Typing this out, I realize this makes me sound depressed, but I’m not. What I really am is just blah. OK, maybe blah with a tiny bit of depression in there, but mostly just blah.

Do you ever get just…blah? I wish I could describe it better, but I’m too blah for my brain to work. I would say I’m taking a small bloggy break, but I’m no good at leaving you. I NEED YOU. I BELONG TO YOU. Uh, I might be reading too many romance novels.

I have tried many, many things to break out of the blah: not writing the O.C. book (it must be stressing me out!), deciding maybe I need a food cleanse (ooh, is that pie?), running and then not running, watching all of the movies made by ABC Family and/or Disney, reading serious and then not-serious books, staring straight at a wall, getting drunk on camera. You know, all the typical things.

So you’ll bear with me while I have a blah time of it, right? While I decide I’m going to show you Sachi’s bean art from camp that is just two straight lines, or, as he describes it, “It’s two walls with a clock in the middle,” because I’m just SO PROUD of his creativity? While I paste tweets of mine like this:






I might fall back on showing you lots of photos of my kids, because that’s why I had them. To use them as excuses for things.



Can you give me a kick in the pants to do normal stuff again? Like eat mayonnaise on camera while drunk? I just want to be well-adjusted like the rest of the blogosphere.





  1. says

    Maybe you need an adventure! Something to get you out of your routine. Could you and your family take a weekend trip somewhere? I feel like trips equal creativity. Also, your children are adorable.

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    I totally get blah. Sometimes blah seems to stick around longer than I’d like, too. Unfortunately I don’t really know what it is that gets me un-blah, but hopefully you can think of the thing that un-blahs you, and you can get back to feeling like yourself.

  3. Celeste says

    This is the boring part of summer…no holiday in sight and everything you wanted to do has been done. Also, it’s really hot where we are and that is killing my motivation for anything.

    My suggestion is to escape to a pedicure and to have a fancy alcoholic drink someplace with friends. Step away from the mayonnaise.

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    I call it blogsickness when it seems mostly social-media-related, and I get it more often than I get colds. I just drop out quietly for a day or two or as needed, get plenty of fluids (I prefer orange juice for vitamin C plus cranberry juice for antioxidants plus gin for morale), and watch movies and/or read absorbing books.

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    “All I really want to do is read books and watch movies on Netflix and eat chocolate peanut butter ice cream while lying in bed.” <== This is me right now — I'm so,so very blah. .

    Maybe it's like when women get together their periods align…. maybe when bloggers communicate their blah periods align?

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    totally hear you – and those whale tweets are some of the funniest things i’ve read all day.
    so you’re hysterical even when you’re blah.
    own it.

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    Wait, eating ice cream while scrunched up in bed is NOT normal? WTF. Eye opener. At least you have kids to entertain you. You’ll get out of the rut, don’t be so hard on yourself. Man, I really need to get a twitter account now…

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    I don’t even have anything more profound to say to this, so blah am I as well. But you are awesome and hilarious and we all love you.

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    I get blah pretty regularly–maybe almost quarterly. It’s a tidgy bit sad mixed with longing for something new or different but not TOO new or different as that might give me nervous tummy.

    Mostly I end up sleeping a bit more and eating some doughnuts and trying not to have angry eyebrows if something goes wrong.

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    You’ve just described my typical Tuesday! I generally hit the ground running on Monday, and then I’ve exhausted myself by the time Tuesday rolls around and I just kind of sit around reading Cracked articles and eating chocolate and wondering when the hell I’m going to get off my ass and do something productive. (The answer? Next Monday. I compress an entire week’s productivity into one day.)

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    why don’t you let yourself indulge in one unadulterated, good ol’ netflix/ice cream binge–NO GUILT. then go read something by someone you really admire and be inspired. or watch a TED talk. that usually does the trick for me to get out of the blahs. at least for 15 minutes anyway.

    those of us swimming in spreadsheets are living through you vicariously!

  12. Mark says

    Take a trip to Orcas Island. Without kids. Check out the shops, the art galleries and bookstores, and the outdoor concerts. 100% rejuvenating. In fact, you and Maggie both. You could start a bloggers’ get-together for the PNW. Name? Discuss.

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    I’m blah, too. And right now, even worse, I’m rather sick of Twitter. I just feel…blah. About everything. No posting, little tweeting, not all that much blog reading or even book reading. I’m sick of everything.

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    ” I just want to be well-adjusted like the rest of the blogosphere.”

    BA HA HAAAAA! WOOO HOOOO!!! I’m laughing so hard at this line – I think I peed a little. ;)

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    Mayonnaise. It’s the mayonnaise’s fault. *uck*

    I always get boring and bored and sometimes ill right before big, life-changing events, social or otherwise. If I was going to BlogHer (let alone speaking on a panel) I assure you that right now I would be nursing a sore throat and / or eight canker sores and / or a sinus infection and a headache, to try to convince myself that it’s not the right time for me to go and shine my light and tell everyone how awesome I am. No, not now. Maybe next year. Not now.

    If that’s what’s happening in your brain, I say Baloney Pony. Get up on it. Ride it out of town. I have no idea what I”m talking about. Well, sort of. Anyway. LOVE YOU BYE.

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    I totally get in ruts like that. Maybe you should come visit me? That would help you out. See how boring Oklahoma is and how nerdy I am, and you’ll be able to jump on life again!

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    “I just want to be well-adjusted like the rest of the blogosphere.” is very possibly the least-used sentence in the English language. (I will admit– I snorted when I read that. Unattractively.)