Alternate Seattle Slogans

Did you know that Seattle’s tourism board slaved away for months to come up with the slogan for our city? And it’s….MetroNatural. METRONATURAL. I don’t even. I mean, what does that even MEAN? Is it like a metrosexual man who camps?

I’ve been thinking about ways to improve tourism, so here are a few alternate slogans I thought of:




Have any others?


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    I’ve never been to Seattle, so… anyhow. Looking at these and “Seattle: Sometimes it’s not raining!” popped into my head. Do with that what you will.

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    i’m sure they were going for “we’re a city, but we also have beautiful nature!” while also being pretty ambiguous.

    it could be worse (better?): here’s Yuma AZ’s slogan: “Yuma, Ariz.: ‘Experience Our Sense of Yuma’ “

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    MetroNatural? It sounds like a dietary supplement. Or a granola powered transportation system.

    Austin’s is “Keep Austin Weird”… the city is basically trying to get itself excluded from the rest of Texas

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    I know nothing about Seattle having never been there, however I theoretically love it, given that my favorite weather pattern is rainy/misty and I love me some rocky beaches. That being said, when I told a friend I wanted to live in Seattle, his exact reaction was: “Seattle is just full of people who *used to* like rain”

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    “Metronatural” sounds like bisexuality for tourism.

    But your slogans–help me out here, I’ve lived on the East Coast all my life: I’m picturing a sea of people dressed in plaid, covered in facial hair, and wearing Vulcan ears–all at the same time. So. . . is that wrong?

  6. Natalie says

    Wow, your slogans are so much better – they should hire totally have consulted you first, just like they should have consulted me before dubbing Long Beach the “Aquatics Capital.” A more apt slogan would have been “Our Port is Busier than Your Port (Unless You’re Louisiana)” or, “We Have More Homeless People Than You,” or “Dexter Is Totally Filmed Here.”