The Problem with Skinny Jeans

What I imagine my body looks like in skinny jeans:

What I actually look like in skinny jeans:

And that’s why I wear skirts.



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    Eff me. The same thing happens here.

    Those that say that you have to just find the RIGHT KIND of skinny jean are clearly lying whores. Or have never met my pear shaped lower half.

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    I bet it’s not that bad either. Unless you stuff your pockets with food. And blankets. Because that’s what I do…

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    Skirts are more flattering AND so much more comfortable. In the summer, I’m all skirts all the time. Too cold in winter.

    I think the problem with skinny jeans is that there is “skinny” in the title. Isn’t that really all you need to know?

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    HA! I feel the same way. I own two pairs and I am always surprised when I see pictures of myself in them…too much booty for those jeans!

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    Oh, I wish I could get used to wearing skirts – love how the look! Do you wear anything underneath? Hate my legs touching!

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    Wow. I think that’s the conclusion I finally arrived at today after yelling at myself for wearing my skinny jeans. I keep telling myself they’ve lost their elastic over the past year but I think it’s time to give up.

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    there are approximately 35 people on earth who rock skinny jeans. i don’t know why the trend is persisting amongst the rest of us mortals.