What I Wore This Week: Finally! Edition

Oh hi. Here are some clothes that I wore. I made my four year old take most of these, so this is top notch fashion blogging.

I really like this top my mom got me from India, but I don’t like wearing it because then I look extra-Indian and get harangued by old ladies at the grocery store, and they stare at my really white looking younger boy and try and puzzle it out. (Hint, old ladies: sometimes people make babies with other races!) So I guess this is going to be an angsty fashion post, especially since I realllly don’t like photos of myself. Up-front apology, yeah!

Jeans are from Gap. Shirt is from my mom. Tank from H&M.

Top: J. Crew final sale, one size too big. Skirt: thrifted. Belt: uhh, who knows. Sandals: Salt water. Dog’s butt: unpleasant, and not moving.

Shirt: H&M. Sweater: Gap. Skirt: thrifted. Boots: Xtra Tuff. Frizz: Mine, thanks to Seattle rain-sun-rain-no SUN.

Skirt: J. Crew. Belt: ? Tank top: H&M. Sweater: Anthropologie. Sandals: Salt Water.

*exhales* It, uh, may be another few months before I post photos of myself again, because GAH.


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    I like the belt+poofy skirt look. I always feel super girly but completely, sneakily comfortable in outfits like that.

  2. says

    Two things: 1. I LOVE that blouse your mom got you. What a great way to feel gorgeous on a weekday, even if it does mean you’re harangued. (I have a similar [that is, completely different] issue in that I don’t look particularly Jewish and I’d kind of love to be harangued by old Jewish ladies, except that I currently live in an area that’s awfully thin in the old Jewish lady department, so it wouldn’t really be an issue even if it weren’t an issue. Angst about non-angst? I has it!)

    2. That final outfit is absolutely fabulous.

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    You are so, so pretty. Maybe THAT’s why the old ladies look at you? Hmm. I guess it’s 50/50 on that one.

    I very much enjoy your belt collection. Would you join me on a belt seeking mission please? Because I have the elements of this kind of wardrobe (Puffy skirts: check. Tank tops/other shirts: check. Belts: check.) But when I put them together, they do not look good.

    Also, your 4 year old is an excellent photographer. And you are an excellent model.

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      Clarification: Um. 50/50 because I have known some old ladies and they think some WEIRD SHIZZ. Not because I think they should think ANYTHING but “Wow, look at the pretty pretty lady with the adorable children!”

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    I loooove that top from India. I would totally wear something like that but I’d get the opposite reaction that you do: “Who does that super white girl think she’s fooling, wearing that top? NO ONE BELIEVES YOU’RE ETHNIC, HONEY.”

    For being taken by a four year old, those pics are pretty good! I think you look adorable.

  5. Laura says

    Oh my god, can you be any cuter?! I love all of your outfits, I wish I could look that put together. I’m too boring, I’m afraid :) I love love love the top from India! It looks gorgeous on you. And the the little sweater with the skirt and belt is how I wished I looked them I put those things together but it just looks funny on me. Maybe because I’m short-ish? Are you tall? And may I say, you have great legs, girl! I love all of your posts but I especially love the fashion ones, keep ‘em coming!

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    Okay, you are 100% more stylish than I am… and all those outfit are so cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indian blouse and want one or two or three, yes, in every color please.
    (p.s. Your son did a great job on the photos!)

  7. Kathy says

    GAH? What does that mean? You look great! And while it’s not me fielding the stares, I do think you should totally rock the Indian shirt because it’s gorgeous and you look fabulous in it darling!
    Second is that a pink collar on your dog? We have a black lab who wears a pink collar! Dog twins!

  8. says

    All so cute! Make me want to go shopping. I’m ashamed to have worn the same jeans and jersey cardigan all week.