Tips on Cultural Sensitivity

Sometimes, very rarely, something will happen to an Indian person, or perhaps a movie will come out that’s set in India and it will become famous. After this happens, you have a good opportunity to engage in talk with someone you think may possibly be of Indian descent.

Ask our opinions of the movie, of which we probably helped film, or maybe our cousin starred in it.

Sometimes we just don’t get what you’re saying, so really drive it home.


Also, remember to take an interest in the culture as a whole.

Take this opportunity to form a lifelong friendship based on mutual respect and understanding of each other’s cultures.





  1. says

    Where I live, this happens to my gay friends:

    “Oh, you’re gay?! Do you know…”

    I mean. It’s a community, but still.

    Also, Hot Pockets are great.

  2. says

    Hot Pockets: When you are done eating them, you are never glad you ate them. And by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’.

    Even the pastiest among us cannot explain mayonnaise. And yet….wonderful. Mmmm.

  3. says

    There you go knocking America’s favorite condiment again. Wait- in real life do you get this much weirdness from us pale people?

  4. says

    Tracey Ullman said she was baffled by the people who thought all British people knew the Queen. The weird things people will assume–and then say!

  5. Alissa says

    Feel free to delete one of those… slight confusion and a too eager click of enter.

  6. says

    I hate mayo, yuck!

    Hey Shalini, didn’t you love that Movie Monsoon Wedding?! Ha, ha, ha!

    I like these posts – reminds me, in a fun, funny way not to be an idiot!