Parenting Vs. RA-ing

I cannot believe I have never mentioned that I once worked in a college dorm. For two whole years! In the nineties, when people unironically wore high-waisted jeans and overalls and flannel! With lots of future sluts of America!

This job I had, being a resident advisor, had one purpose: if someone is doing something fun or awesome, stop it. Immediately. That was my job.

It taught me a lot. Like, for instance, how parenting is a lot like taking care of drunken college freshmen.

Oh, it also taught me the most important lesson I’ve ever learned in my life: there is no bad time for pizza.



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    I don’t know how you did it, I hated my RA and made it my mission in life to avoid him and anything he asked of my at all costs!!

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    in our dorm, the worst offenders got a visit from the RA every night yelling about turning the music down and too much loud laughter–us. then again, we were the only non-engineering majors on that floor.

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    Gross – I don’t think I like how the overlap is bodily fluid clean up. I may never be a mom because of it (or an RA)

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    I definitely feel like I hardly remember any of the things my parents did for me when I was younger (I just have a horrible memory/was too young). This is why I think it’s important to scrapbook. A visual record to be saved for the future! Won’t have the nitty gritty, of course, but will be at least SOMETHING.

    And 100% agree that there is never a bad time for pizza. Ever.