The Ice Cream Cone Problem

The Ice Cream Cone Problem is when children’s decisions cloud the overall objective judgment of adults and things that are actually terrible are somehow deemed awesome, like ice cream cones. Who doesn’t like ice cream cones? No one! But they taste like cardboard and only make your ice cream worse. 

Let’s examine:

See? It’s like we’re all mind-controlled in certain situations. Ice cream cones are TERRIBLE. It’s like asking someone to add styrofoam peanuts to your dessert, and then roll your hands in syrup and give you tiny napkins and no water to clean it up. THEY’RE AWFUL.

But you don’t believe me, do you? You still think ice cream cones are wonderful. It’s because the children have gotten to you. But wait, there are more instances. There are SO MANY things children have convinced us are awesome. But are they?

Permanent Markers:

Cotton Candy:


I rest my case.



  1. says

    I feel similarly about exercise.

    I choose to not listen to the hype about heart health and looser pants. The fact of the matter is that exercise makes you sticky and smell bad and takes time away from other pursuits such as naps and ham.

  2. says

    Love Ice Cream Cones – thicker the better ! Gosh! the number of times I’ve eagerly ‘helped’ my kids with their melting ones and ‘showed them’ how to eat it, LOL !

    On the rest, I’m with you

  3. says

    I don’t know if we can be friends. I’m the kid who dumped the ice cream JUST to get the cone ;)