Who’s Creepier: Christian Grey or Edward Cullen?

So, I’m having this discussion on twitter with a few folks, but now I need to know your opinion.

Who is creepier: Edward Cullen (from Twilight and teenage girls’ imaginations) or Christian Grey (from Fifty Shades of Grey). I just finished Fifty Shades and while I commend the author on her great success and ability to hook such a large audience (including myself!), I’m a little, tiny bit perturbed that a control freak like Christian Grey is a romantic hero. And that this seems to be a PATTERN in recent books. See also: Twilight. 

Christian wants to: control what Ana eats, wears, and does, who she talks to, and he hits her. Yup, he hits her. It’s supposed to be “playful” but I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT.

Edward: watches Bella sleep unbeknownst to her, stalks her, breaks into her bedroom, and, oh yeah, he’s like, 105 and has a crush on her and she’s 17.

See what a tough choice this is?

My answer is Edward, because of the age difference, but don’t get me wrong: THEY ARE BOTH CREEPY CREEPSTERS.

What about you?


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    Well, Christian Gray is a product of Edward Cullen, so without no Eddie we’d have no Christian.

    Therefore, by default, Eddie Cullen is the parent of creepy. Plus 107 and 17.

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    Oh, man. Tough question. But I’d have to go with Christian Grey… who only likes to beat woman who remind him of his mother. That is effing weird.

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    Not having read 50 Shades of Grey, I don’t know that I really can comment. But I have to say that Edward totally creeped me out in Twilight. I was all Team Jacob because the creepy creepster was stalking Bella and sabotaging her car so she couldn’t go where she wanted and it was totally “Remember feminism, much, Eddie?” but then Jacob FELL IN LOVE WITH A NEWBORN. Which kind of makes the 90 year age difference between Edward and Bella much less weird. Because at least Bella had mastered motor skills and object permanence and all that. Not so level a playing field between Jacob and Renesmee (whose name is further proof that teenagers generally need help when naming children).

    Anyway, I’m totally not comprehending the control freakishness=romance thing. I kind of like making my own decisions.

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    Hahahahaha! Oh man, I am laughing so hard right now! I refuse to read Twilight because I’ve always thought a man who sparkles in the sun was no man for me! I keep hearing a lot about 50 Shades of Grey, but honestly I will probably just see the movie. I know. I’m lame…..

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    I went into 50 Shades knowing Christian was really Edward, so I never separated the two in my mind. The fact that all she did was a find and replace on the names drives me bonkers. I personally would take issue over any man who makes any comment about what I choose to eat or not eat. That is so my hard limit.

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      Same here.

      My issue with the issue that everyone has with Christian’s creeper factor is that when he and Ana entered into their relationship, it was initially a business relationship, contracts and all, not a romance, so I don’t think it can be categorized as such until after he said “okay, let’s throw out the contract and try this your way”. So yes, it’s creepy and oppressive and just generally WEIRD that he likes to beat women who look like his mom and that he wants that much control, it’s not like she didn’t know going in that he had issues. I don’t find it creepy as much as sad.

      Which doesn’t mean I don’t find HIM creepy. He’s a total creeper stalker and I would not want myself, my daughter, or any of my friends near him. But the whole punishment and control thing, as far as his sexual issues go, I find sad rather than creepy.

      I also didn’t read past the first Twilight book so I can’t really speak to how creepy Edward is. But I’m gonna say Jacob and his being-in-love-with-a-newborn self mentioned above (WTF??) wins as creepiest creeper who ever creeped.

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    I haven’t read 50 shades yet but from everything I have heard about it, I am going to go with Christian. I would much rather have someone watch me sleep and follow me around (because I have read Twilight, and the one thing Bella and I have in common is the ability to get into some crazy situations just by being there LOL) than someone who controls every aspect of my life, plus if someone hits me, I’m putting them in a hole!

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    I haven’t read either book. I feel like if you have to ask the question, they might just be equally as creepy… Then again I know some real life people who could outcreep both of those guys.

  8. mutantreptile says

    I’ll go with Edward because I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. The age difference between Bella and Edward never bothered me, but the stalking and controlling really did. BUT there’s a whole lot of people who are really, really into that sort of relationship dynamic. Whatever happened to liking the nice boys? Is it a myth?

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    Are you kidding with this? :-P

    He HITS her! And try’s to control what she eats! Obviously the creeper here is Christian Grey.

    But you know how I feel about Edward (maturity is frozen when you become a vampire, so he IS 17). Plus, Jacob is creepier, anyway. The falling in love with a newborn thing creeped me the hell out.

  10. says

    I agree the “Contract” and hitting in 50 Shades is SUPER creepy (the bodily fluids parts made me want to vomit too), but the dude was seriously messed up (rightly so…am I crazy for crying when he flashed back to his childhood??! I’m such a sucker) and once Ana helped him work through his issues he turned out to be kind of great. Too kinky for my liking, but much much less creepy than he started.

    Once you throw in the age difference with Edward, he is SUPER creepy. I mean, after 105 years of life experiences, how can he and Bella even have anything to talk about or relate to each other? She’s 17!! I knew nothing and was a complete moron when I was 17!! I think Edward just wants some young boo-tay.

    So I vote, hands down, Edward.

  11. Kristina says

    If u have not read 50 shades, dO not believe all the comments u read. I have read the trilogy and not once did Christian hit her. Also, people are only mentioning the sex in the book, which seems pretty fantastic, but there is a more valid point to the story. It more about trust, compromise, and how far will you go for love.

    • Pristine says

      He did infact beat her. Yes, it was with her permission but it wasn’t something that she wanted. She did it to make him happy but when he ferociously beat her with a belt until she cried that was pretty evident abuse. She did it to test him though, that’s why she didn’t use the safe word. She wanted to see how far he’d go to hurt her and she when she saw it, she ran away. She didn’t mention repeatedly that she didn’t like being punished.

  12. Ashley says

    All I can say is Christian is the hottest creep ever!!!!!!!! I didn’t go into this book knowing he was in fact a character based off of Edward. But I knew the moment I read his description. The thing I love about 50 shades is that it is more realistic. The problem with some is they don’t understand what pain can cause and how much these types of sexual release can be so therapeutic he is not beating her merely showing her the fine line between pleasure and pain. She could have said red or yellow at any time. Not creepy at all. In fact Hotter than HOTT well done E L James. You have surpassed your mentor Bravo. :)

    • Pristine says

      I’m afraid I would have to disagree. Its not hot. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no prude and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a people exploring their sexuality and having a bit of kinky fun…but christian and anas relationship isn’t one of two lovers exploring their sexuality together. He continously NEEDS to control her., from the way she dresses to what she eats etc… And his “red room of pain” isn’t so much for fun love making as it is for satisying this dark need within him to beat and control ana and his other “subs” . He does tell ana that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain but he obviously doesn’t seem to know what that as in the book he does say he has “hurt someone before” Christian Grey is no romantic hero because he’s neither romantic or a hero! He constantly says such nasty, vulgar things to ana which no respectful man would do. As for Anastasia Steele, she has absolutely no self respect. That girl makes Bella Swan seem like a tough! Lol. Honestly, these character are not much to look up to or to enjoy. Do you think Katniss everdeen would ever let a man treat her as such? She’d kick his creepy ass!!!

  13. Pristine says

    Christian Grey wins the creepy award hands down. Whilst Edward is no saint, I can hardly imagine him ever wanting to hurt Bella intentionally for his own pleasure. He does everything he can to protect her, sometimes going really overboard to do so. While I wouldn’t consider edward a great romantic hero either, christian grey I’d down right repulsive and any girl that could tolerate his kind of behaviour (no matter how good looking he is) is in dire need of therapy. I get why Edward is so appealing to many young woman. Besides his obvious flaws (yes watching someone sleep is creepy but I disagree about the age bit because he is, in essence,trapped as a 17 year old boy forever )He’s handsome, rich and is truly devoted to Bella. On the other hand, I truly don’t get the appeal of christian. Yes, he’s handsome and rich too but that really all that’s good about him. He’s an obsessive control freak with a passion for beating woman who looks like his mum and the having sex with them….that is seriously sick and sad.

  14. Hannah says

    Having read 50 shades of grey, and it wasn’t my cup of tea, it was poorly written, what message are we sending to women that it is okay to be abused and okay to be treated like that? the contract which by the way isn’t legal no judge or lawyer would call that a legal contract.
    I found Ana annoying and unintelligent and Christian really creepy, stalker, and just a plain bully.
    But Christian would win hands down on the creepiness factor I don’t think Edward would want to hurt Bella in any way.

  15. Denise Ward says

    To be honest i only read four chapters and i wanted to go to sleep. Ana is like Bella obsessed after an hour of meeting him since she is based off Bella didnt win my attention but i took a swing and tried it because everyone is in love with the series. Anyways, i flipped through the pages to see if it got better (which it didn’t) and i realized he hit her. As much as Edward is creepy Christian wins hands down. Something is so weird about him. Like when he bought all that stuff at her work. Creepy. It sounded like he wanted her to know he was planning something other than what she thought originally. Well anyways, I hated the book and the characters why is this book popular. Im sticking to Crossfire series. At least Gideon doesnt hit his girlfriend… and is more believable characters.

  16. aya says

    I would prefer Grey though, (dispute his constant twitching palm) . Both Edward and Grey are equally fucked up ( mind me only quoting from the book) , Grey is at least a human. I still prefer abit to eat, sleep and die someday