Future Children’s Book Bestsellers

I just returned from a children’s book writing and illustrating conference. It was inspiring and helpful, so much so that I got a whole bunch of ideas for picture books, which is not usually what I know how to write. I thought, as editors and agents and authors mentioned their favorite books, “Why am I reinventing the wheel when I could just use these ideas and market them again?” After all, there are no new stories, right?

Without further ado, here are just a few projects I thought of this weekend that I’m going to pitch to agents:

(The last one is the first in a three part series, the next being a flip book and the last a coloring book, naturally.)



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    Oh my goodness–these made me laugh so hard (especially the first one) that I snorted. You should actually write these! Have you ever seen the adult version of The Giving Tree, which shows how much bitterness the tree holds inside because of the selfish Boy? Everyone would get a kick out of these.

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    GAAH, Where the Red Fern Grows?! Why did you have to dig up such painful memories? The good thing is, you can use the same premise for Old Yeller too.

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    Holy crap, your “Red Fern” illustration made me snort coffee into my nose. It burns!

    “Harold” is pretty great, too. I think these types of children’s books are very important! Why fluff up the real world for them? They have to figure it out eventually anyway!