Cookie Regret Scale

I just ate too many cookies. How many is too many?

One cookie:

Yum! Homemade cookies!

Two cookies:

Double Happiness!

Three cookies:


Kind of full. Time to stop?

Four cookies:

Please stop? Please?

Five cookies:


Six cookies:

I’m sorry, stomach. I’m so, so sorry.


P.S. I’m in comment bankruptcy. I’m closing comments for the next week because my email and my job applications and my kids are trying to kill my happiness and I really hate getting comments and not being able to respond to them in some way. You can always email me at if you want to chat about something. I’m still up for that. Totally.

Also, I am TOTALLY reading your blogs, really. You are saving my sanity, and sorry I haven’t had the time to say so. Thank you; you’re awesome.